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The Flinders school song is an empowering ballad of spirit and courage, traits that we hope to instil in our students. The song is sung at many school services, from weekly assemblies to Valedictory Ceremonies.

Our wonderful Primary School Students sang a beautiful rendition. The words of the song are below if you wish to learn it.

Matthew Flinders Anglican College School Song

With glad, strong voices,
we pay tribute to a man,
Who helped to found our nation,
and to chart a bold new land.

As scientist and explorer,
From across the world he came,
Matthew Flinders we do honour now,
And proudly wear his name.

We’ll share our faith with others,
our skills we will unfold,
We will endeavour strongly,
to achieve our every goal.

With honour and integrity,
and trust in God’s acclaim,
In faithful quest we’ll do our best,
In Matthew Flinders name.

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