OP Results Letter To Year 12 Students and Parents

/OP Results Letter To Year 12 Students and Parents
  • Susannah Henshaw – College Dux 2015

21 December, 2015

Dear Year 12 students and parents,

Undoubtedly, you would have already viewed your academic results released on Saturday, 19 December.

I am hopeful that the received individual results have met expectations and now create opportunity for the realisation of the next stage of post-school life.

Within the overall scheme of the Year 12s academic attainments, the results have been comparable to those achieved in recent years. Such an outcome is an indication of the collective endeavour, studiousness and application of our Year 12 students of 2015. I believe I could express the esteem of all the staff in complimenting the students.

Flinders remains a non-selective school and the intention is to strive to provide the best possible education for each student. While there is obvious kudos received by those students who achieve high OP results, there needs to be a balanced acknowledgement that each student attempts to fulfil their potential and deserves recognition for their efforts and success. Accordingly, congratulations to each of the 138 OP successful students. (In passing, the total number of eligible students was the third largest number in our history).

In further congratulations, the high performing students of 2015 who attained an OP1, 2 or 3 headline the College’s success:

The Dux of the School, Susannah Henshaw, received an OP1 alongside:

  • Alessandra Birbeck
  • Callum Bretherton
  • Jonathan Clarke
  • Charles Gore
  • Daniel Lane
  • Corey Lehmann
  • Naomi Lewis
  • Molly Orr
  • Will Rienecker

Notably, the ten OP1 students provided the equal second greatest number recorded by Flinders.

Those students receiving OP2s and 3s included:

  • Eliza Blenkin
  • Rory Bown
  • Annabelle Faint
  • Nicholas Robertson
  • Harriet Baxter
  • Dominic Cradick
  • Jamie Goodridge
  • Michaela Greeff
  • Rebecca Rolle
  • Zoe Russell
  • Harry Salmon
  • Reina Takeuchi
  • Thomas Webber

In other noteworthy statistics across the year group, 93% of students achieved an OP1-15 while 34% of students gained an OP1-5. Most favourably, well over half of our students attained an OP1-7 (56.5%). The very pleasing OP results were made possible by QCS test results that were well above State average.

Importantly, I convey appreciation to the Year 12 teachers who have been pivotal to the attainments of this year, as well as thank the staff of bygone years for their influence and preparation of skills and capabilities. I know that the Year 12s would share this gratitude. Thank you.

The results are very pleasing for the College and while they are only one marker in the fuller year of 2015 are a demonstration of the quality of our students and their deserved success.

I close with best wishes for 2016 and applaud our Year 12 students of 2015 for their outstanding year. What futures await!

Yours Sincerely,

Dr Eddie Groughan | Principal

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