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Matthew Flinders Anglican College’s 1 to 1 Learning Program is a response to the way that technology has reshaped our world. This innovative program ensures that Flinders students are able to keep pace with the ever-changing digital environment.

All students in Years 7 to 12 have a 13” MacBook Pro while those in Years 5 and 6 have a personal iPad.

“The first 1 to 1 Laptop Program was introduced at MLC in Melbourne in 1990. Since then, we have accumulated overwhelming research-based evidence that access to personal devices has significant benefits for student learning,” said Matthew Flinders Anglican College Head of Learning Technologies – Secondary, Mr Steve McLean.

“A 1 to 1 Learning Program is about teaching and learning. People often make the mistake of thinking it is about the technology. Our focus has been on how integrating this type of technology can enhance teaching and learning and, as a result, improve student outcomes. It’s not about producing students who are excellent users of laptops – it’s about producing students who are excellent learners, well equipped for the continually changing needs of the real world.”

Research shows that students today generally feel very at ease with technology, that learning needs to be relevant to their interests and abilities and they prefer hands-on, active learning with an emphasis on higher order thinking.

Matthew Flinders Anglican College sees the 1 to 1 Learning Program as a demonstration of our commitment to providing appropriately integrated technology to improve student learning outcomes.

Prep to Year 4

Currently for students in Prep to Year 4 there is a 1 to 2 iPad setup in the classroom and a 1 to 1 system during ICT lessons. Even in these early years technology is integrated into everyday learning helping students to collaborate, communicate and create.

iPads are used to complement the curriculum with the apps chosen for stimulated learning that requires students to be active participants in the process.

“Our students are creators, inventors, authors and coders,” said Head of Learning Technologies – Primary, Paul Hamilton. “Our aim is always to blend technology to advance student learning and we excel at matching technology use with good teaching and learning pedagogy.

“We are conscience of our younger students being taught how to use softwear correctly. We use apps that start from scratch so they can record their thinking and create content instead of just reacting to the technology. We have a powerful tool that can complement learning and here at Matthew Flinders we ensure we are using it as effectively as possible.”


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