Junior Primary (Prep to Year 3)

///Junior Primary (Prep to Year 3)
Junior Primary (Prep to Year 3) 2017-04-12T10:00:05+00:00

Research shows smaller class sizes, especially in the first three years of school, play an increasingly important part in a child’s learning and social progress. It assists in creating a more focused environment in which children can achieve goals in a meaningful way and build the foundation needed for success during their schooling.

Smaller class sizes also afford our teachers the best possible opportunity to make an early impact on learning and fire the imagination. Our model of early intervention allows us to identify gaps, misconceptions and individual needs.

Prep students have a full-time teacher and full-time teacher aide in each classroom to ensure their transition to school is a smooth one and that our youngest learners get off to a great start in their education.

All students are shown the value of persistence, encouraged to think flexibly and recognised for acting with kindness and respect as we aim to develop skills and mindsets that will make our learners well-balanced and grounded.

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