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  • The Wizard of Oz - Musical performed in 2015

We value the arts because they expand the mind and the soul, and foster a sense of creativity and purpose. They help to inculcate a love of learning and encourage collaboration amongst the students. We are committed to offering our students a well-rounded education which, includes exposure to dance, visual arts, music and film.

We have an experienced and talented teaching team who deliver an on-trend arts program supported by world-class facilities, which help our students to develop a comprehensive understanding of techniques and processes, as well as historical and cultural perspectives. Students develop an understanding of visual art through expression in a variety of mediums, including ceramics and sculpture, fashion design, furniture design, painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, visual communication and multimedia, with their work producing an eye-opening example of what can be created when passion and talent are supported in a practical way.


Those students who have a penchant for words and the stage have an opportunity to explore their creativity under the guidance of the Flinders Drama Department. Students develop knowledge, understanding and skills in such areas as scriptwriting, directing, sound and lighting operation and, of course, acting, within a rich and exciting range of topic areas, complemented by co-curricular experience.

Research shows that students who regularly participate in education theatre or drama activities are better readers, more effective communicators, are better at problem solving and coping with stress and are generally assessed more highly by their teachers in all aspects.

At their disposal is the much-touted Flinders Performance Centre, an outstanding facility that creates the feeling of real-world success. The collaborative nature of the drama program provides students with opportunities to learn and to manage the interpersonal and intrapersonal skills required to work effectively, both individually and in groups.

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Friends of Production

The purpose of this group is to connect parents and friends to support Primary and Secondary School Productions at Matthew Flinders Anglican College. We hope to easily, effectively and efficiently assist with events and offer support to the teachers, staff and students as required and as requested (but within the boundaries and limitations of a volunteer group). And to have fun doing it!

This group is aligned with Friends of Music, but is concerned with fundraising to support equipment purchases for future productions, as opposed to instruments. Our purposes are complimentary but different.

Our goals are:

  1. To assist in the maintenance of the vision and reputation of quality that has been established through past Flinders Productions, Drama, Musical and Artistic endeavours; and to support excellent productions at Flinders by enabling our teachers to inspire our students to achieve their best by:
  2. Fundraising for equipment
  3. Organising volunteers for productions
  4. To foster a culture of value and appreciation for our community of artists, musicians, performers and technicians; and to cross-promote other artistic enterprises and promote the value of the Arts within the school and larger community through:
  5. Grassroots PR and marketing

We will identify talents within the parent community to enable us to field requests and ensure that we can comprehensively assist with those within our capabilities.