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Matthew Flinders Anglican College was founded in 1990. The College is a company limited by guarantee.

The Board of Directors is primarily accountable to the Company, and as such is responsible for the overall strategy, governance, and performance of the Company and its business affairs. The Constitution of the Company links this responsibility to the wider College community and to the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane.

The Board of Directors seeks to implement Excellence in Governance as a key organisational goal.

The premise of such a goal is that for the College to achieve excellence in its educational, Christian and community mission, the governing body is highly strategic and effective in its leadership, planning and oversight functions.

The College’s values of “explicit Christian principles, honesty and courage, trust and openness, support and encouragement, unselfish service, a sense of community, commitment, determination, discipline, responsibility and respect for others” present a matrix of touchstones with which all policies, strategies, actions and behaviour in the organisation will be consistent.

Sound day-to-day management and performance of the College is in the hands of the Principal.

Membership of the Board of Directors ensures that it encompasses the range of skills and attributes required for the College to achieve its goals.

Board of Directors and Committees