Academic Plan

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Academic Plan 2013-2017

Goal 1

To develop the instructional leadership capacity within the College

The Senior Management Team, Faculty Heads and Lead Teachers demonstrate a strong commitment to an instructional leadership model in driving a strong improvement agenda for the College, and ultimately encouraging all staff to embrace that model.


Goal 2

To develop capacity within the College to analyse, discuss and utilise academic data

The College places a high priority on the analysis and discussion of systematically collected data on student outcomes. The data analysis considers overall College performance against similar schools, as well as tracking the growth of individual students over time – including measures of growth across the years of school.


Goal 3

To ensure that teaching is differentiated to meet the individual needs of each student

Classroom teachers continuously place a high priority on identifying and addressing the individual needs of individual students with precision. Teachers closely monitor the progress of individuals, identify learning goals and intentionally tailor classroom activities to levels of readiness, need and capability.


Goal 4

To develop P-12 consistency in the design and storage of the intended curriculum

The College has a coherent, sequenced plan for curriculum delivery that ensures consistent teaching and learning expectations and a clear reference for monitoring learning across year levels. This plan is visible to, and the responsibility of, all teaching staff.


Goal 5

To develop an expert P-12 teaching team with consistent application of effective pedagogy

The College promotes shared responsibility for student learning and success to encourage the development of a culture of continuous professional improvement – including classroom based learning, mentoring and coaching. The College builds a professional team of highly able teachers, including teachers who take an active academic leadership role beyond the classroom.


Goal 6

To ensure the curriculum and pedagogy are relevant to the 21st Century, promoting higher order thinking and skills

The College is addressing the specific skill sets that individuals will need to succeed in the 21st Century. Our community needs to be competent users of digital literacies, capable of higher order thinking, effective communication, creativity and high levels of productivity. The community engages in global issues and collaborates across geographical and cultural boundaries.


Goal 7

To develop, within the College community, the intelligent and caring dispositions required for learning and for life

The College is a place where the development of personal dispositions is embedded into the curriculum and culture in a deep and sustained way. These dispositions are recognised as a valued part of the lives of not only the students, but of the wider school community.