The Matthew Flinders Anglican College Strategic Plan, 2015-2019 comprises 101 Lead Strategies. Each of the 101 Lead Strategies are placed within one of the six PRIORITY areas of the Strategic Plan:

  1. Students Come First
  2. Retain, Develop and Attract Staff
  3. Innovative School
  4. Community Engagement
  5. Buildings, Grounds & Infrastructure
  6. Financially Adept

Priorities, Key Result Areas and Objectives

In turn, each PRIORITY is divided into KEY RESULT AREAS and a subsequent OBJECTIVE.


  1. Students Come First

  • Anglican traditions
  • Enrolment model
  • Academic excellence
  • Learning outcomes
  • Student wellbeing
  • Beyond the school
  • Student leadership
  • Co-curricular
  1. Retain, Develop and Attract Staff

  • Highest quality teachers
  • Good leadership
  1. Innovative School

  • Outreach
  • ICT
  • Board informed
  1. Community Engagement

  • Parents & Friends
  • Foundation
  • Alumni
  • Mission, Vision and Values
  • Brand
  1. Buildings, Grounds & Infrastructure

  • New buildings and facilities
  • Refurbish and renew facilities
  1. Financially Adept

  • Financial management
  • Future financial prosperity
  • Good governance

The Strategic Plan remains a living document and the 101 Lead Strategies are open to continual appraisal and review. The College Executive and College Leadership Team, comprising the four Heads of Schools (Junior Primary, Senior Primary, Middle School and Senior School) and the two Heads of Learning & Teaching (Primary and Secondary) work collaboratively to progress the Lead Strategies.

A formal Board review, interspersed with regular status reports from the Principal during the year, is held annually at the Board of Director’s planning weekend that includes management staff.