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  • Tuckshop at Matthew Flinders Anglican College

Two College tuckshops service the Flinders community – one operates in Secondary with a modern, fully-equipped commercial kitchen and this services the second tuckshop in Primary.  Each aims to provide students and staff with good quality lunch, morning and afternoon tea alternatives that are nutritionally responsible and reasonably priced. The Secondary tuckshop also offers a breakfast menu for senior school students.

Creating an environment where nutrition and healthy food choices are valued is a priority at the College.  The tuckshops are managed by Executive Chef, Darren Frankling, whose extensive experience in food preparation helps him develop menus that encourage responsible decision-making about nutritional choices.  This supports the College’s commitment to lifelong learning, health and well-being.

The Primary tuckshop has adopted state and national guidelines for ‘Smart Choices’ in selecting food availability. The Secondary tuckshop, seen above, offers a slightly broader range of options in keeping with the developing maturity of the students who access it.

Parents are able to place advance orders online for younger students.   Secondary students (and Primary families who choose to participate) can use their student ID cards, so they can make ‘cashless’ purchases in our tuckshops by accessing their pre-funded online accounts.

Both College tuckshops open every day of the school year from 8:00am to 3:30pm.

Sample Tuckshop menu (Semester 2 2018)