Mission, Vision, Values and Christian Ethos

//Mission, Vision, Values and Christian Ethos
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Our Mission is to create educational experiences dedicated to fostering learning for life. The College promotes Christian values in all endeavours, pursuing academic excellence and striving for decency, with an open spirit of enquiry and respect for truth.

The College provides a nurturing environment in which individuals are valued for their specific gifts, and where all students are encouraged to realise their potential, with a view to being active contributors to the College and the wider community.


Our Vision is to give each student an inspiring education by providing opportunities for excellence in a compassionate environment.


With an emphasis on Christian principles, Matthew Flinders Anglican College strives to uphold and promote the values of honesty and courage, trust and openness, support and encouragement, unselfish service and a sense of community, commitment and determination, discipline, responsibility and respect for self and others.

Christian Ethos

Matthew Flinders Anglican College welcomes students, parents and staff from diverse backgrounds and cultures. The love of God, tolerance and compassion for others is modelled across all areas of the College.

The Habits of Mind and the Spiritual Compass are models of attitudes and behaviours in use to compliment the Biblical teaching of the Christian Ethos.


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