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Chaplaincy at Matthew Flinders Anglican College

We believe the Christian Gospel guides us to be in a place where we strive to live by values that Jesus lived out, including compassion, forgiveness and peace.  We value intellectual endeavour, we respect difference and diversity, we believe in the value of social justice, we affirm the value of living out kindness in the world God loves.

Matthew Flinders Anglican College is an Anglican School of the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane. Guidance is offered by the Archbishop and Bishops for the Board of Directors, staff, parents and for students, past and present.

The College Chaplain is an ordained Anglican clergyperson and ministers to the whole College, including the Early Learning Centre to Year 12, staff, parents, Flinderians – including past students and the wider community linked to Matthew Flinders Anglican College.  The Chaplain’s key roles are in overseeing our worship programme, leading faith formation and as part of our pastoral care programme.

Worship Services

Cohort and sub-school worship services are held during Term time for students and and are open to the College community, but not the general public, unless authorised guests.

We mark the times and seasons of the Christian Calendar including Lent and Easter, Pentecost, All Saint’s and All Soul’s Days, Advent and Christmas through our worship and other special services are programmed for the community as the need arises.  Anzac Day, Remembrance Day, Grandparents Day, The Sunshine Coast Schools Ecumenical Service, Lessons and Carols Services and the Valedictory Dinner for Year 12 Graduation are some of the extra times when the Chaplain offers prayer and blessings for the College.


At the very heart of the College grounds, The Chapel of St Nicholas, is dedicated to the patron saint of seafarers and children and aptly embraces the College community and heritage.

The building is used regularly for instruction in the sacraments, worship services, student and staff assemblies, and by some visiting groups to the College.  It is also available for services of baptism, marriage or for funerals as arranged with the Chaplain.

For further information regarding Marriages and Funerals, please get in touch with the Chaplain.

The celebrations of larger gatherings for the community at Easter and Christmas are held in locations across the College including the Primary Pavilion, Flinders Performance Centre or the Sports Centre.

The Chapel is open for quiet prayer and reflection every weekday during term time.


The Revd Lizzie Gaitskell