“How can we integrate innovative and hands-on technical projects into the curriculum?” This was the question posed by the Matthew Flinders Anglican College IT Support team that sparked a complete electric car conversion and restoration, a project that saw students imagining the possibilities for an old run-down petrol 4WD vehicle. 

With the support of Gold Sponsor, Ken Mills Toyota, the Flinders Design & Technologies Department took the project under its wing and offered it as part of the Senior Industrial Design Course. This enabled Senior School students to work on the vehicle on a regular basis, guided by their teachers and industry experts. 

The project began in October 2020 with the students stripping the vehicle to remove its roof, doors and all other body panels, the fuel tank, fuel lines and exhaust system, all in preparation for the vehicle’s EV conversion. Other tasks involved restoring the vehicle’s original panels and removing years of oil, rust, grease and grime, as well as working on fitting the motor to take the car from old to new. Experts are called in, for safety reasons, to handle precise technical work, such as the electrical aspects. 

Once the electric conversion was complete, the car visited a local paint shop for a flash new coat of navy blue paint, followed by the issuing of its signature ‘MFAC’ vehicle plate and exterior ‘eBeast’ logo and signage. With its roadworthy certificate, the eBeast went for a test drive! 

Sponsorship Opportunities:

The Flinders Electric Vehicle Project has exciting challenges and milestones for students to continue problem solving and working to achieve. Tasks include restoring the vehicle’s interior along with ongoing vehicle maintenance and trouble-shooting. 

There are plans for the vehicle to feature at education and environmental expos and conferences, as well as at College events to fundraise and educate on the future for sustainable transport. 

The Flinders Electric Vehicle Project team is seeking sponsorship to support the project’s ongoing work. 

Thank you to our project sponsors

Gold Sponsor
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Bronze Sponsor

Benefits to you as a Sponsor:

-   To demonstrate to the College and wider Sunshine Coast community your support of innovative learning experiences for young people;

-   To gain positive exposure through your partnership with Flinders on the Electric Vehicle Project, an environmentally sustainable initiative; and,-   To provide opportunities to connect with the Flinders community of students, parents, carers, extended family and community partners. It is rare for Flinders to provide sponsorship opportunities with learning programs.

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