OP Results 2018

Congratulations to the Class of 2017! The OP results released recently are outstanding. As a school, we are extremely proud of our 2017 Leavers, not only for all they have achieved this year but for the manner in which they have achieved it. They have accepted the challenges put before them, worked collaboratively both with each other and in partnership with their teachers to achieve these superb results. The commitment shown by the students, not only this year but over a sustained period of time, should be a source of inspiration for those who follow. 

I also wish to acknowledge the dedicated teachers at Matthew Flinders Anglican College who forge strong relationships with their students as together they set challenging academic goals and strive to achieve the best results possible. Be it in their final year or as younger students when their love of learning is developed, I have no doubt the relationships and rapport developed between the teachers and the students make a difference.

The Flinders Class of 2017 has done itself, and the College, proud. The results are well-deserved, and a measure of the students’ hard work and focus, the quality of the staff who guided them, and the families who have supported and encouraged them. Congratulations and best wishes for all that lies ahead.

Stuart Meade