Junior Primary – Prep to Year 3


Strong relationships, based on trust and mutual respect, help to support a successful transition for children and families as they commence school life in our Junior Primary School at Matthew Flinders Anglican College.

Flinders’ committed and passionate team of educators, including classroom and specialist teachers, teacher aides and the leadership team, work together to build each child’s confidence and the resilience they need to develop a sense of belonging in our Junior Primary. This confidence enables our students to be active, engaged learners who are ready to grow and strive for excellence in learning and life.

Our Junior Primary students are guided by many positive role models through our Buddy programs and Flinders Friends mentoring program, and through opportunities to work and play with students across our College who assist them to embrace our College values and ethos of courage, respect, integrity and compassion.

In the early years of schooling at Flinders, there is a strong focus on enhancing positive learning dispositions and active engagement in a diverse range of learning contexts and challenges to enable our young students to flourish. Junior Primary students at Flinders develop a high level of competence with surface or foundational skills, knowledge, understanding and competency across all subject areas, with a particular focus on literacy and numeracy.

To achieve this firm academic foundation for each child in Junior Primary, our educators engage in evidence-based strategies, including explicit teaching, feedback and practise. This foundation enables our students to use their knowledge and skills to think more critically and creatively across a range of topics and subjects.

Through all curriculum areas, our students develop and refine the contemporary skills of communication, collaboration, critical and creative thinking as they deepen and apply their learning within rich, engaging and relevant concepts and topics. This learning is supported by integrated resources, including the Outdoor Classroom and ICT (Information, Communication and Technology) program.

To complement our academic programs, Flinders staff develop positive Habits of the Heart for our students through engagement in meaningful service learning opportunities to enrich their own and other people’s lives.

Furthermore, Flinders’ vast co-curricular opportunities for all Junior Primary and outdoor education experiences in Year 3 provide foundational experiences that enable our students to develop their skills and to discover new passions and talents.

The ethos of our College is to encourage and recognise student achievement and personal effort across a wide range of activities. Awards and certificates celebrating excellence, high achievement, endeavour and service are presented to students at Chapel, Assembly and at special ceremonies.

Flinders values that the early years is a pivotal time for our students to develop their knowledge, skills, understandings and character. With this strong foundation and our College community’s support, our young students will feel more confident as they transition to Senior Primary.