Senior Primary – Years 4 to 6


At Matthew Flinders Anglican College, the seamless transition from the Year 3 Junior Primary classroom to the dynamic environment of Senior Primary is achieved through a series of small steps rather than one giant leap.

The staging is designed to develop a sense of continuity, care and connectedness in both curriculum and pastoral care, where our Year 4 students and our new Year 5 students are gradually introduced to the different elements of our Senior Primary. Our new families and students are supported in their transition through an orientation process and student buddy program, and have access toa broad range of learning and co-curricular opportunities to further develop their competencies, confidence, connection and engagement academically, socially and emotionally.

Senior Primary students are encouraged to develop citizenship and ethical learning through their service to our College community. A range of leadership opportunities are experienced as our students progress from class leadership roles, such as the Staff and Student Council, towards the Year 6 leadership roles of School Captain, Sports House Captain, Music Captain and Library Monitor.

Flinders ensures a rich scholastic life for our students. As students commence Senior Primary they are equipped with strong curriculum knowledge and skills, particularly in literacy and numeracy, developed throughout their Junior Primary years. Senior Primary students extend their learning through deepening their understanding and competency in order to apply this to more complex problems and contexts.

Flinders Senior Primary teachers are intent on developing the competencies and dispositions in our students required for the future, including communication, collaboration, and critical and creative thinking. Students inquire into rich topics and concepts and have opportunities to develop their ability to question, think critically, solve problems, communicate effectively, to make informed decisions about local, national and global issues and create innovative solutions to respond creatively to current and future needs.

Furthermore, our Senior Primary students are able to access academic enrichment through engagement in ICAS competitions, the da Vinci Decathlon, Buranga Immersion Camp for Gifted and Talented students, Innovators of the Future, Optiminds, Future Problem Solving, Maths Olympiad and BRAINways and Gateways Days of Excellence.

Our Senior Primary students are also offered the opportunity to discover and enhance their individual talents through a range of co-curricular groups and outdoor education experiences.

These rich learning experiences across cultural, community, spiritual, co-curricular, sporting and academic pursuits help to cultivate a spirit of enquiry and build character and integrity in our students. When our Senior Primary students leave at the end of Year 6 we ensure their smooth transition to Flinders Middle School, knowing they depart as responsible, resilient and independent learners ready to embrace secondary education.