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Matthew Flinders Anglican College is a top private school on the Sunshine Coast offering an education for excellence in learning and life. Our College provides our 1,300 students from Prep to Year 12 with an outstanding contemporary education to prepare them for tertiary study and beyond. We recognise character, contribution, academic excellence and leadership as key components of The Flinders Way.

Academic Excellence

Flinders is a leading academic school on the Sunshine Coast. In 2020, the Flinders Class of 2020 recorded an impressive median ATAR of 93.15 to mark the start of the new system. Similarly, through the previous OP system, our Year 12s of 2019 achieved high results, recording 11 OP1s and 41.6% of the cohort receiving an OP1-5.  Founded in 1990, Flinders is named in the media as one of the top 100 schools in Australia and one of the top 10 schools in Queensland. Our rigorous academic program inspires curiosity, develops critical thinking, fosters intellectual agility and prepares our students to be socially conscious and responsible citizens in a culturally diverse world.

Opportunities to Excel

Both in class and beyond, our students at Flinders are offered extraordinary opportunities to maximise their potential and explore new horizons. Extensive co-curricular options encourage our students to develop a passion for the arts, drama, music, sport and service learning. Our students are able to develop global perspectives through our College’s comprehensive program of international tours and exchanges, and through opportunities to engage with local, national and global organisations to support people in need.

Impressive Learning Environment

Located in Buderim at the heart of the Sunshine Coast, Flinders is surrounded by rainforest and located 10 minutes’ drive from our stunning surf beaches. Our College provides an impressive learning environment where students are inspired and motivated to excel. Flinders’ outstanding facilities include a state-of-the-art performance centre, aquatic centre and floodlit sports ovals.

Flinders Masterplan

The College is planning for the future with the $30 million Flinders Masterplan. The project will provide agile and modern learning spaces and facilities to enhance the learning environment for students and the professional environment for educators and operational staff. In August 2020, the new Year 7 Precinct opened as the first Masterplan project to be completed. Next is the new Years 5 and 6 Precinct, opening in January 2021, and the new learning resource hub, opening mid-2021.

The Flinders Way

Flinders values courage, respect, integrity and compassion and welcomes students, parents and staff with diverse backgrounds and cultures in accordance with our Christian principles. Our aim is to support our students to build the following competencies of :

  • Character – as people of courage, respect, compassion and integrity who demonstrate confidence, persistence and resilience
  • Contribution – as informed citizens who are attuned to their environment and serve their community
  • Academic Excellence – as accomplished learners who are self-directed and have a spirit of enquiry and adaptability in a fast-changing and information-rich world
  • Leadership – as effective leaders who can empower others, communicate and collaborate well, and have the capacity to make significant and ethically grounded decisions.