Outstanding Results for Cambridge Extension Maths Students at Flinders

17 students at Matthew Flinders Anglican College are celebrating outstanding results in the globally renowned Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics extension exams.

Now in Year 10, the students sat the exams late last year while in Year 9. Their results reveal four students achieved an A* (>90%), twelve students achieved an A (>80%) and one student a B (>70%). Flinders’ highest achiever, with 98%, was Daniel Probert. 

Flinders joined the Cambridge program in 2019 as the first school in Queensland to offer the qualification to students typically in Years 8 and 9 at Flinders. It is also offered in 18 other leading schools across Australia. 

Through the Cambridge programs, students master subjects and develop a range of higher-order thinking skills to benefit them in their careers and life, including problem solving, critical thinking, independent research, collaboration and self-learning.

Year 10 student Samantha Lovely achieved top results after studying in the Cambridge program through Years 8 and 9 at Flinders. 

“It's a very challenging program but extremely rewarding and enjoyable as well,” Samantha said. “It significantly improved my maths skills and confidence within just a few months. I think it's also great because the program lasts a fairly long time, so we really got to know our teacher and peers.” 

Fellow Cambridge student Alexandra Arthur also noted the class group over two years felt like “family” and that while the lessons were fast-paced at first, it soon began to make sense. 

“I enjoy how everything in math connects together like a puzzle. Whenever I learn something new, it deepens my understanding of countless other topics as well. And it was so rewarding to feel that moment when a concept finally clicked in my mind and I completely understood it,” Alexandra said. 

Flinders Secondary Mathematics teacher Mr David Lanskey teaches the Cambridge students and prepares them for the series of three exams, which cover 11 different mathematical units.

“The students earned their achievements through concentrated efforts and have set themselves up well for an advancement in their Senior mathematical studies,” David said.

“Their impressive efforts have also helped to secure Cambridge Mathematics as a robust feature in our Middle School Curriculum,” he said. 

Principal Stuart Meade said the College attracted and supported many students with a passion for academics, and mathematics in particular.

“This year, we are excited to have a record number of students keen to learn through the Cambridge extension program,” Stuart said. 

“There are 23 Flinders students in the Year 9 Cambridge Maths class who will sit exams scheduled for October, and 21 students in Year 8 who are new to the program and will prepare for exams in 2023,” he said. 

“Students enjoy our College’s enrichment programs and the personalised learning approach that our staff team provide.  

“We joined the Cambridge network of schools in 2019 to gain access to a more rigorous and internationally recognised qualification in the IGCSE.” 

The program enables keen students to accelerate their maths proficiency a full calendar year beyond what they might normally experience in the Australian Curriculum by the end of Year 9.

David Lanskey taught the Cambridge curriculum in the United Kingdom where he previously worked at a school where all students completed the GCSE and most went on to study A-Level Mathematics in their senior years.

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