The Arts at Flinders provides students with diverse 21st century learning opportunities to build capabilities for their future world of work.

Creative Arts students experience and develop the complex skills required to create and test ideas, generate creative works with confidence, shape inquiry and critically evaluate and reflect on what they do.

Learning in the Creative Arts prepares students to be significant producers and informed consumers of culture. Flinders is committed to offering our students a well-rounded education, which includes exposure to drama, visual arts, music and film.


The Flinders Drama program engages students in imaginative meaning-making processes. Students use a range of artistic skills as they make and respond to dramatic works.

Through diverse purposes, contexts and audiences our students are provided with opportunities to experience, reflect upon, understand, communicate, collaborate and appreciate different perspectives of themselves, others and the world in which they live. 

Our state-of-the-art Performance Centre provides our students with an impressive facility to test their ideas and grow their confidence.

Visual Arts

At Flinders, Visual Art is an approach involving complex thinking and diverse making. It is vital to student learning across the curriculum and to making sense of our lives.

Visual Art provides an intellectually and emotionally stimulating space for ideas to grow, connections to be explored and personal, collective and global experiences to be challenged.

Our students engage in personal and collaborative artmaking experiences that provide choices in a wide variety of forms and media. Our aim is for each student to develop unique, creative artworks that effectively communicate thoughtful and sensitive conceptual orientations.

Our annual Flinders Art Expo in Term 4 provides an opportunity for our College community to celebrate our students’ creativity and ideas and be inspired by their diverse works.

Film, Television and New Media

Film, Television and New Media at Flinders provides an opportunity for students to be creatively challenged as they analyse and create moving image media. Students experience a range of genres, techniques and experiences that enable them to create meaning and purpose through storytelling.

Film, Television and New Media is offered in Years 8 -12, with the senior years contributing to the ATAR score.

In the senior years, students creatively apply film, television and new media key concepts to individually and collaboratively make moving-image media products, and investigate and respond to moving-image media content and production contexts.

There is a focus on developing a respect for diverse perspectives and a critical awareness of the expressive, functional and creative potential of moving-image media in a diverse range of global contexts. Importantly, students develop knowledge and skills in creative thinking, communication, collaboration, planning, critical analysis, and digital and ethical citizenship – the vital 21st century skills of the 6C’s.

The Flinders Digital Zone is an innovative, well-equipped dedicated space for students to explore areas of Digital Technology, Film, TV, New Media and Electronics under the guidance of experienced and enthusiastic teachers.

The space supports student learning processes relating to ideation, collaboration, production and presentation. The intention is for students to feel that anything is possible in the Digital Zone and that they have the facilities, technology and teaching support to test their big ideas and processes, and create. The Digital Zone is also one of the key venues for Flinders’ new IDEAS (Innovation, Design, Engineering, Art and Science) program for Middle School students in Years 7 and 8.

Facilities in the Digital Zone include a 20-point touch screen, dual projection for mirroring or independent, 55-inch high definition Sony display panels for collaboration, infinity curve green screen, 27-inch dual display monitors for teacher presentations and student work, two Apple Air TV connectors to cast student work to any visual points in the room, Crestron video switching, glass walls for student design and printable whiteboards.

To learn more about the Digital Zone, visit here.

Musical Productions

The Co-Curricular Program at Flinders enables students to join musical performances and staged productions.

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