A major focus at Matthew Flinders Anglican College is for every student to feel supported to have a go at their chosen sports and to develop characteristics such as determination, resilience and sportsmanship.

To help in achieving this goal, Flinders engages world-class Directors of Coaching across the sports of soccer, cricket, touch football, rugby, basketball, water polo, volleyball, netball and hockey.

These Directors of Coaching encourage our students to participate in sport and reach their potential. They also provide support to the many teachers-in-charge of sport and parents who volunteer as coaches and managers across the various sporting teams and affiliated Finders Clubs.

Each of the Directors of Coaching has experienced lofty heights in their chosen sports, and is passionate about sharing their skills, mindset and passion with young people.

The whole College community benefits from such positive influence as we all learn to build healthy habits for life.

Dale Ryan

Director of Coaching (Basketball)

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John Papahatzis

Director of Coaching (Rugby)

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