Matthew Flinders Anglican College provides one of the top school music programs in Queensland. Through both our Music Curriculum in the classroom, and our Co-curricular Music Program, our College recognises that music is a positive factor in a child achieving excellence in learning and life. 

Children who study music have been shown to think more clearly and concisely, have advanced motor skills, do better at maths and science and have an enhanced sense of health and wellbeing. 

What’s more, being part of an ensemble promotes discipline and focus, improves communication skills and helps instil an exemplary work ethic, while building strong and satisfying friendships. 

Perhaps most importantly, music is fun and students at Flinders are thrilled to find their niche, whether as part of a class lesson or a competitive unit.

If children are not introduced to music at an early age, I believe something fundamental is actually being taken from them.

Luciano Pavarotti


Music in the Classroom

Music is a compulsory subject for Flinders Primary students from Prep to Year 6, with two lessons a week. Class programs range from learning instruments in Years 3 and 4 and a vocal adventure in Year 5, culminating in the entire Year 6 cohort participating in and staging their very own musical production in Term 4.

Students in Year 7 also benefit from music lessons during the year, and are required to learn one semester of either guitar or African drumming. Meanwhile, students in Years 8 to 12 can choose music as an elective, and also join extension programs. 

Extension Music

Extension music is available for those who wish to deepen their music knowledge and consider music as a career beyond graduation.  

The new Music EDGE extension program for Years 8 and 9 students at Flinders is a selective entry course designed to accelerate music students with particular talent and expertise. The focus is on areas of composing, performing and musicology. The beauty of this offering is that it allows students to progress at a faster rate and to open pathways to Extension Music or additional units in other subjects in their senior years. 

Extension Music is available as a subject for Year 12 students at Flinders who wish to specialise in an area of music such as performing or composing.

Co-Curricular Music

Our Flinders Co-curricular Music Program is as much a ‘family’ as it is an esteemed development program. As students progress through the Program and build well-rounded skills and confidence, they experience the wonder of music and the joy of contributing to something bigger than themselves.

The Primary and Secondary Programs involve string ensembles, bands, orchestral strands and vocal choirs, all of which achieve top results in the annual Sunshine Coast Junior Eisteddfod.

Primary School Co-Curricular Music

Flinders Primary students have the opportunity to be involved in group music making through our Co-curricular Music Program. With care and guidance, our youngest students from Prep to Year 6 delight in the opportunity to learn an instrument and develop their singing voice. 

Groups include:
Poco Strings (Years Prep-Year 3) Invitation only
Flinders Strings Orchestra (Years 3-6)
Junior Primary Choir (Years 1-3)
Flinders Choir (Years 4-6)
Flinders Voices (Years 5-6) Audition only
Flinders Band (Years 3-6)
Primary Rock Bands

The Flinders Secondary School Co-curricular Music Program involves participation in many bands and ensembles. As you will soon learn, the standard of music is impressive! 

Groups include:
College Band (Open to all students Years 7-12)
College Chorale (Open to all students Years 7-12)
College String Orchestra (Open to all students Years 7-12)
Man Choir (Open to all students Years 7-12)

Middle School Jazz Band (College Extension Ensemble - Invitation Only)
Brass Ensemble (College Extension Ensemble - Invitation Only)
Percussion Ensemble (College Extension Ensemble - Invitation Only)
Saxophone Ensemble (College Extension Ensemble - Invitation Only)
Lumina Voices (College Extension Ensemble - Invitation Only)
Contemporary Voices (College Extension Ensemble - Invitation Only)
Contemporary Singers (College Extension Ensemble - Invitation Only)

Wind Symphony (Enrichment Ensembles Invitation Only)
Stage Band (Enrichment Ensembles Invitation Only)
Chamber Voices (Enrichment Ensembles Invitation Only)
Capriccio Strings (Enrichment Ensembles Invitation Only)
Symphony Orchestra (Enrichment Ensembles Invitation Only)
Musical Orchestra (Enrichment Ensembles Invitation Only)

Annual Flinders Music Camp

Our annual Flinders Music Camp is one of the favourite events for our student musicians in the Secondary School! It is an opportunity for our musicians to kickstart the year as a supportive group and to practise music pieces to be played at events and contests throughout the year.


Musical Productions

As part of the Co-curricular Program at Flinders, students are able to join musical productions.

The Flinders Creative Arts Program continues to provide ongoing opportunities for Secondary students to develop their musical and drama talents at Flinders. 

Music Scholarships

Learn more about our annual music scholarships, open to current and new students to Flinders.

At Flinders, we pride ourselves on nurturing a flourishing vocal and instrumental program within our Music Department. Tutoring gives students the option of one-on-one lessons in a tailored program devised to strengthen technique and expand musical expression.

Visit our events page to learn more about upcoming music events.

For more information about the Flinders Music Program, please download the Music Handbook.

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