Primary School


Matthew Flinders Anglican College Primary School provides our students from Preparatory to Year 6 with a balanced and robust foundation for achieving excellence in learning and life. As a community, we immerse our students in a values-rich, high aspiration environment and an unwavering belief in each child to realise their potential.

Our Primary School is a community where kindness and curiosity, expectations and support,
responsibility and accountability, enquiry and mastery, encouragement and challenge, and rigour and
engagement work together to provide a robust foundation for learning and to enable each student to
achieve their personal best.

Flinders provides seven years of Primary School education from Preparatory to Year 6, with three
classes in Years 1 to 4 and four classes in Years 5 and 6. Students in Years 5 and 6 have a personal
iPad to support their learning. Flinders’ new Primary Outdoor Classroom enables our students to extend their learning beyond the classroom walls by taking the learning outdoors to engage actively and intentionally with nature.

Pastoral Care

At Flinders we aim to inspire, encourage, support and challenge our students to develop skills, knowledge, understandings and character dispositions within a culture of high expectation so that they may flourish. Personal, social and emotional skills are taught and nurtured at Flinders through our wellbeing, pastoral and service programs in the knowledge that school should be as much about educating the heart, as it is the mind. These programs encourage our students to collaborate with others, develop positive social and emotional competencies and make a difference in their world.


Flinders Primary School creates a vibrant learning environment where students are motivated to strive for growth and ownership of learning. Literacy and numeracy is developed within a framework of building foundation, deep and deeper levels of understanding and competency. This approach is known as the Ready For… Program of differentiated learning that is proven to boost student engagement, outcomes and satisfaction.

Flinders supports students to achieve excellence in learning and life by offering a rigorous and responsive academic program in English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, Modern Languages (French and Japanese Years 3 – 6), Health and Physical Education, Music, Visual Art, Religious and Values Education, and Digital and Design Technology.

Teachers at Flinders have a strong commitment to continuous professional growth and ethical responsibility. Our Primary School teachers enable student ownership and responsibility for learning, whilst supporting high-level academic attainment and excellence. Flinders teachers aim to make learning engaging, relevant and accessible for students, without removing challenge or difficulty. Students engage in challenging experiences to further enhance positive learning dispositions, which include:

  • responsible risk taking
  • persistence
  • taking responsibility
  • responding appropriately to feedback, and
  • committing to shared goals.

This signature approach to learning in our Flinders Primary School helps to develop positive dispositions and the contemporary skills required now and in the future. Under the guidance of their teachers and with a resolute commitment to evidence and data-informed teaching which include explicit learning intentions, our students are taught to understand what they are learning, what success looks like and to articulate their next steps in learning. When this proactive approach to learning is taken, empowerment flourishes, dispositions are enhanced and academic attainment is promoted.

Flinders specialist teachers in Physical Education, Music, Art, Information Technology, Library, Religious and Values Education, and Languages (French and Japanese) help to enhance the learning experience.

Design for Impact Summit Immersion Experience 

As an example of the curriculum opportunities we offer at Flinders, the Design for Impact Summit involved every Year 5 student in a two-day design thinking immersion experience. 

The Summit was held in partnership with Queensland University of Technology Design Lab and experts in design at Flinders Performance Centre on October 6 and 7.

To learn more about the Summit, read here

To see the short video summary of the Summit event, please visit this link


Complementing the academic life in our Flinders Primary School are rich and diverse sporting and
cultural programs, which encourage our students to discover and explore their talents and passions.

The following list of Primary School co-curricular activities is an example of the opportunities available
to our students each year, however, are subject to change.


Co-curricular Music in our Primary School gives Flinders students who are learning an instrument or
have an enjoyment of singing, the opportunity to be involved in group music making. Groups rehearse
before school and the opportunity is available at no charge to parents.

Groups include:
Poco Strings (Years P-3) Invitation only
Flinders Strings Orchestra (Years 3-6)
Junior Primary Choir (Years 1-3)
Flinders Choir (Years 4-6)
Flinders Voices (Years 5-6) Audition only
Flinders Band (Years 3-6)

Junior Primary Modified Sports

Opportunities exist after school for Junior Primary students to participate in the following sports run by
our teachers.

Minkey Hockey (Years 1-3)
Milo In2 Cricket (Prep-Year 3)
FunNet (beginner Netball) (Prep-Year 2)

SCISSA (Sunshine Coast Independent Schools’ Sports Association)

Our Primary School is part of the Sunshine Coast Independent Schools Sports Association with nine
other member schools. Through this association, students in Years 4-6 have the opportunity to trial for
District Representation in many different sports. These trials are held after school and students need
to nominate to participate.

Flinders students participate in an Inter School Sport program throughout the year. Students have a
training session once a week on during school time to prepare and at the end of each term take part
in a Gala Day event.

Students can try a different sport each semester by selecting from the following:
Boys and Girls Basketball
Boys and Girls Volleyball
Boys and Girls Touch Football
Boys and Girls Soccer
Boys and Girls Water Polo
Flippa Ball Netball
Rugby 7s

Flinders Club-based Competitions

Students can play the following Flinders Club (parent-run) sports after school or at the weekend
during the sporting seasons: Netball, Hockey, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, Basketball and Football

Further details and information on Flinders Club sports are available on each of the relevant Sports
pages under Club-based Competitions.

Other Activities

Students in our Primary School are offered a wide range of stimulating and creative activities,
including the following.

Chess Club (Years P-6)
Maker Club (P-6)
Tournament of Minds (Years 4-6)
Da Vinci Decathlon (Years 5 and 6)
Debating (Year 6)
Coding Club (Years 3-6)
Student Staff Council (Years 3-6)
Edible Garden Club (Prep-Year 6)

Outdoor Education

Our Flinders Primary School outdoor education experiences for students from Year 3 to Year 6 are an
important part of our quest to challenge both the mind and body, and to encourage a sense of
adventure, resilience, confidence and persistence. Outdoor education offers fun and excitement and
the important element of personal challenge, which moves our students outside their comfort zones
and encourages them to think laterally. It contributes to personal growth, social and environmental
awareness and nurtures a sense of purpose and responsibility.
Outdoor education also creates an avenue for our students to shine, helping to develop independence
and confidence, reinforcing a positive attitude to education and allowing our teachers and students to
strengthen relationships outside the classroom.

Each year level activity from Year 3 to Year 6 is designed to suit the developmental stage of the
students involved. Activities include local and interstate camps and tours.