Class of 2018 Delivers Strong Academic Results

Matthew Flinders Anglican College community congratulates its Year 12 cohort for their strong academic results, continuing Flinders’ record as one of the leading academic schools on the Sunshine Coast and amongst the top schools in Queensland.

Seven of Flinders Year 12 students were awarded an OP 1; 12 students achieved an OP 2; and a further 13 students an OP 3.

This resulted in the percentage of OP 1-3 for the cohort equal to 24.3%, the second highest ever in the history of Flinders, and compares to 11.6% State-wide.

Furthermore, the Flinders Year 12 group worked together to achieve the best possible results on the Queensland Core Skills (QCS) tests with 29.3% of students achieving an ‘A’ (compared to 16.6% State-wide) and 65.1% achieving either an ‘A’ or ‘B’ (compared to 45.9% State-wide).

Other notable statistics for Flinders Class of 2018 include:

- 38.1% of students achieving an OP 1-5 (compared to 21.79% across the State)

- over 52% of our students achieving an OP 1-7; and

- 96% of students achieved OP 1-15 range.

Flinders students who were awarded OP 1 and OP 2 are:  

OP 1: Zayn Al-Timimi, Jaime Bretherton, Alana Grimley, Piers Herring, Kristina Lane, Nicole Lehmann, Ella Woodgate.

OP 2: Nicola Bown, Holly Edmondson, Tessa Erikson, Maddi Esplin, Natalie Ferris, Maddy Kennedy, Aleisha Lanthois, Dylan McAreavey, Sydney Press, Alexandra Stevens, Tarj Townson, Ian van Vuuren.

Flinders awarded its two highest academic achievers, Alana Grimley and Kristina Lane, as joint duces for 2018.  

Principal Stuart Meade congratulated Flinders Year 12 cohort for their hard work and efforts throughout their senior years and wished them well for their future endeavours.

“Our whole Flinders community supports our Year 12 graduates as they finish their schooling on a high note, knowing they have given their best effort, particularly in their final year at Flinders,” Mr Meade said.

“This next phase of our graduates’ lives beyond our College is an exciting time to explore their personal potential and discover how they will shape the world for the better,” he said.

“We wish them well.”

Read more about Flinders' 2018 academic performance. 

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