Old Flinderians

The sense of community and strong bonds fostered at Matthew Flinders Anglican College continue long past graduation and we always follow, with a sense of pride, the accomplishments of those who spent their formative years at the school.

The Old Flinderians’ Association provides an ideal link between the College and students who have gone off on new bright adventures. Keeping in touch not only allows us to celebrate their achievements, but also serves as inspiration to current students who will also have to make their way in the world.

Membership to the Old Flinderians’ Association is automatic upon graduation from the College and former students are usually kept up to date on news and events on the Old Flinderians’ Facebook Page. 

Stay connected with Flinders Connect

All Flinders Graduates have access to our private online alumni networking platform, Flinders Connect.

Flinders Connect allows you to build your network and seek out mentors, provides regular community news, and promotes the latest OFA events. We encourage all Old Flinderians to join and reconnect with other Old Flinderians.
Register for Flinders Connect now via email, LinkedIn, or Facebook at https://ofaconnect.com.au/

How to get involved

Information on past students is often not as detailed as we would like. To update your details and to keep us informed of your life after Matthew Flinders Anglican College, please update the contact form below or contact Rachel Sotiropoulos Foundation and Old Flinderians’ Liaison on 5477 3229 or ofa@mfac.edu.au

General Meetings

The Old Flinderian Committee meets four times per year and all Old Flinderians are encouraged to attend.  The meetings are held on Wednesday evenings from 6pm in the Cumberland Room in Central Administration. Building. Meeting dates for 2019 are:

  • 13 March
  • 30 April (including AGM)
  • 14 August
  • 20 November

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