2021 Flinders Art Exhibition

Flinders Art Exhibition
26 Oct 2021 to 29 Oct 2021

Flinders Families are invited to attend the Flinders Art Exhibition showing in the Upper Foyer of the Performance Centre

Exhibition opens Tuesday, 26 at 3:00pm and shows daily from 8:00am - 5:00pm, closing Friday, 29 October.

The exhibition is a celebration of the students' art from across the campus, along with the teachers and teaching assistants pride in, and support of these students for the year.

In a world where the focus has often been negative and at times overwhelming, the students have found solace in their creative voice and exploring their own unique perspectives.

A wide variety of approaches and materials are represented in the exhibition from technical approaches with sculpture and printmaking, through to digital media, animation and virtual reality. Our students explore both traditional and contemporary approaches with art and have produced some amazing unique responses to their world.

The artist chosen to advertise our exhibition is Kirra L in Year 12. The students in the Art Department saw this painstaking sculpture evolve over a long period of time and were excited to finally be able to touch and interact with it when it was complete. Touch Me Not is a series of 3 textural sculptured forms of the female body.

They have been created with hundreds of silicone dots in which the artist has pressed her finger. Touch Me Not arose from conversations around the taboos connected to our bodies, touching, affection and consent. Our bodies are becoming commodities, no part left unexplored or unexposed. We are taught to look but not touch. During COVID times touch is discouraged, however, Touch Me Not encourages human connection, essential for the body's nervous system receptors and lowering stress levels.

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