FEAP Athlete Profile - Charles Clark, Rowing

Since the Flinders Elite Athlete Program launched in January 2021, there have been many opportunities for our student athletes to learn and grow.

Year 12 student, Charles Clark is part of FEAP as he pursues his passion for rowing. Through the program, Charles is being mentored and supported to learn skills and traits that will help him plan for success – in the classroom and through his sporting career. Through workshops and mentoring, Charles is learning the importance of health and wellbeing, and to recognise the support networks around him.

Here we share a profile with FEAP athlete, Charles Clark.
First, we asked Flinders Elite Athlete Program Director, Ms Laure Nourse to share her views of Charles' participation in the FEAP.

Charles is a very talented and hard working athlete. As a Year 12 student, each week he is juggling a huge training load on top of his school work. It’s wonderful to see him achieving success with his rowing, which he is so passionate about. I wish him every success for this year and beyond.

Charles, please tell us about your sporting achievements. 

Rowing is my sport. I was selected in the U19 Queensland team for three years in a row and am a three-time Queensland State Champion. I have also represented rowing at a National level.

What are your sporting goals for 2022 and beyond?

My sporting goal for 2022 is to achieve a podium place for Nationals and to make the Australian rowing team. Beyond 2022, my goal is to make it to the World Championships and the Olympics.

What are your academic goals at Flinders? 

My academic goals are to continue to do my very best, maintaining good grades throughout my senior year.

What support do you appreciate through FEAP?

With all of the competitions that surround me with rowing, it helps to have the support of my FEAP mentors when notifying my teachers that I’ll be away for exams or assessment so that I don't fall behind or miss anything.

What has been your favourite FEAP workshop?

So far, the workshop I’ve most enjoyed has been the breathing course. Before races, due to a build up of nerves, I usually get psyched out. But after I completed that course I tried some breathing techniques, which helped me pass the nerves.

What do you enjoy about the FEAP? 

The workshops have taught me strategies to use before, during and after my races and in training to help me improve.

Who are your role models?  

My sporting role model would be Chip McKibbe, who is one of my coaches. Chip is a former World Champion and United States Olympic rower. He encourages me to do my best, even when I’m having an off-day on the water training.

To learn more about the Flinders Elite Athlete Program and how to apply, please visit here.

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