FEAP Athlete Profile - Josh Fabiani, Athletics

Since the Flinders Elite Athlete Program launched in January 2021, there have been many opportunities for our student athletes to learn and grow.

FEAP's aim is to mentor, inspire and support our young athletes to develop healthy and positive life skills and character traits. FEAP mentors guide students in planning for success, whether in the classroom or the sporting world. Students learn the importance of health and wellbeing, and to recognise the support networks around them.
Here we share a profile with FEAP athlete, Josh Fabiani.
Note from the Flinders Elite Athlete Program Director, Ms Lauren Nourse:

“It is a pleasure to work with Josh as he is extremely organised and focused to do his best. He is an excellent role model to our younger student athletes.” 

Which sport are you focused on and what are some of your achievements? 

Josh: My main sport is Athletics. I also surf a bit as well. I recently competed at the Australian Athletics Championships in Sydney and I was lucky enough to bring home a Silver medal in the U18 400m, running a time of 48.83 seconds. Shortly after that I won another Silver medal in the U18 4x400m relay, running the last leg for the Queensland team. Additionally, I just won a Gold medal in the U19 beach relay, running for Alexandra Headland at the National Aussie Surf Lifesaving Championships in Mooloolaba. In other achievements, I won a state Gold medal in the 400m at the Queensland State Athletics Championships in March, 2021 and I am officially ranked Number 23 in the world for the U18 400m. 

What are your sporting goals for 2021 and beyond?

I just achieved my goals that I set at the beginning of this year - to make Athletics Nationals and then to medal at Nationals, so I’ll need to make new ones over this winter off-season! Beyond 2021, my major goal is to medal at Nationals again and hopefully bring home the Gold! Also, it is my dream to represent Australia at the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games, and to be a professional athlete competing against the best in the world. 

What are your academic goals at Flinders? 

At Flinders, I am hoping to achieve the best ATAR possible that will enable me to pursue my dream careers. At the moment, my goal every year is to get Honor colours for both academics and endeavour, as I know this will set me up well for my path beyond school.  

What support do you appreciate accessing through FEAP? 

I am really loving the FEAP workshops that we have been attending as the guest speakers who come in and talk to us are really inspiring. I also appreciate all the support Ms Lauren Nourse as FEAP Director does for everyone and all the time she spends making sure we are all caught up with our academics. 

Please share some new skills and strategies you have learnt through FEAP? 

I am learning to put in the hard work early and then be rewarded with the benefits later. This has definitely shown in my athletics with the 400m, however, it has also shown through my academics. 

What has been your favourite FEAP workshop?

My favourite workshop was the one with surfer Keely Andrew. This is because I am a big follower of surfing. It was such a great experience to be able to meet a World Surf League competitor and get to know her daily routines in the world of surfing. And now when I watch her surf in the WSL competitions, I think it’s pretty cool that I’ve met and talked to her!  

What do you enjoy about the FEAP? 

I have found the FEAP very worthwhile, especially if you feel that your sports are clashing with your school work and that you are limited on time. The support is second to none! 

Who are your role models?  

Honestly, I could just name any sports star in the world but I have come to realise that although it’s great to have a role model who is a top athlete in the world, it’s more important to look up to people closer to you. In my case, these people are my parents, athletics coaches and friends. 

My mum and dad are absolutely amazing; they sacrifice everything so that my brother and I can have a successful life full of amazing opportunities and I can’t thank them enough for it! I’m also grateful to my athletics coaches. I have had a few in my life and each one has been so helpful in getting me to where I am now. My friends also have a huge impact on my life. They are always there for me no matter what the circumstances are and congratulate me or help me hold my head up when times are tough. I look up to all these people and I can’t thank them enough for everything they do for me! 


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