Flinders Launches New Podcast 'At The Bell Tower' - Episode 1

Embracing the Power of the Dramatic Arts: The benefits of having a thriving theatre company inside a school.

Featuring podcast host Ms Michelle Carroll and special guest Mr Andy Fraser

Matthew Flinders Anglican College has launched a new podcast with College Principal Michelle Carroll on the mic!

“At the Bell Tower” aims to guide parents along the schooling journey in healthy, balanced and compassionate ways!

We'd love you to tune in at Soundcloud.

Join Michelle to dive into captivating conversations with some of our expert educators at Flinders and thought leaders from diverse industries.

Michelle and her guests are aiming to help parents unpack education trends and feel better equipped to approach issues impacting young people in society.

Side note: We’re sure you’ll agree that Ms Carroll just happens to be a natural behind the mic!


Matthew Flinders Anglican College Principal Michelle Carroll is joined by Andy Fraser, the Director of Dramatic Arts at Flinders.

Andy brings more than 30 years of experience to his role at Flinders, including working with major arts companies the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, Black Swan State Theatre Company and West Australian Opera.

In this conversation, Michelle and Andy explore the benefits of offering a robust dramatic arts program as a co-curricular opportunity for students across the Primary and Secondary years.

Andy explains the pathways and opportunities for students to explore their passion, gain industry skills and grow their confidence and character.

He also shares the 5 core values students are encouraged to bring to their dramatic arts journey – and why ‘having talent’ isn’t on the list!

Students learn the values of:
1. Turning up
2. Being on time
3. Being prepared
4. Following instructions
5. Having a go

  • Meet our Director of Dramatic Arts at Flinders, Mr Andy Fraser, whose mission is “to create fun, engaging and stimulating shows for students to explore”. Andy explains why he treats students like professional actors and crew from Day One. [1:05]
  • Andy shares his industry journey over 30 years as an actor, director and choreographer. [1:45] Get Andy’s full bio here.
  • What’s the feedback from students? And how are productions chosen? [2:40]
  • The benefits of participating in the dramatic arts on stage and behind the scenes during the schooling years. [4:30]
  • How students are guided in working with sensitive issues or themes in a script. [5:53]
  • Andy’s 5 core values he encourages in students who want to succeed in the dramatic arts at Flinders. [7:30]
  • The pathway and opportunities for Flinders students to participate in the dramatic arts throughout their Primary and Secondary years. [8:46]
  • “Proud dad” moment as Andy shares his daughter’s inspiring journey from school musical productions to studying with the Western Australian Academy of the Performing Arts (WAAPA) and touring “Grease the Musical” across Australia in 2024 and 2025. [11:36]
  • What’s still in store for audiences in the 2024 Dramatic Arts Season at Flinders. [12:53]
  • The plans for 2025 and 2026 in the Flinders Dramatic Arts, with ideas to activate different spaces around the campus. [16:30]

Flinders Fast Five [18:55]

With Michelle Carroll, asking our students: “If you could be in any production, what would it be and which character would you choose to play?” Flinders students featured: Jessica, Year 12; Lachie, Year 11; Clementine, Year 7; Sullivan, Year 9; Isobel, Year 6.

Flinders Fact [19:50]

With Gerry Price, Flinders staff member for more than 33 years and Honorary Life Member of the Old Flinderians’ Association. Learn a College fact from our history since foundation in 1990 and have a go at guessing the tricky question Mr Price poses. If you know the answer, comment on our Facebook or Instagram pages, and the first correct answer receives a coffee from our Flinders Quarterdeck Cafe.


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