Flinders Opens New Seniors-Only Study Precinct and Announces New Head of Studies, Mr Gary Davis 

A dedicated study precinct for Years 11 and 12 students at Matthew Flinders Anglican College on the Sunshine Coast is fast becoming a favourite hub on campus, perched beside the rainforest and with views of the College’s manicured sports fields. 

The Senior Study Precinct at The Cottages is open each school day to students in Year 11 and Year 12 to study and prepare for life beyond Flinders, and also to gather and relax with their peers and staff. 

The precinct is overseen by the new Head of Studies, Mr Gary Davis, who has led a distinguished career as the Head of Senior School over the past nine years, and a member of staff for 27 years at Flinders. 

Mr Duncan Greenbank takes over from Mr Davis as the new Head of Senior School (Years 10-12); Mr Greenbank was previously the Head of Student Engagement at Flinders. 

Mr Davis will continue to play an integral role in supporting Flinders’ Year 12s as they journey through their final years of schooling, guiding them through the intricacies of the QCAA system and preparing them for mock exams, senior assessments and external examinations. 

“Year 12 is a challenging year, however, it’s also an incredibly rewarding one at Flinders with countless opportunities for our students to step into their role as College leaders and achieve their personal best,” Mr Davis said.

“This new space is another way we are supporting our Year 12s academically by making the most of extra study periods, revision sessions, general study and exam readiness, as well as having access to staff and mentors for wellbeing guidance and pastoral care. 

“And, with help from our Academic Prefects, we aim to host evening and after-school sessions for students to work together at the busy times of exam prep and when assignments are due.”

College Captain Stephanie Ktenidis and Vice Captain Aidan Chumbley are enjoying spending time in the new precinct during their extra study periods each week.

Stephanie says, “The precinct is a great space for us to take a break from the relentless nature of subjects, lessons and assessment. I really appreciate the space and the opportunity to feel rewarded and supported for our final year of Secondary School at Flinders.” 

Aidan says, “I’m finding the new study space is comfortable and conducive to work because it’s a welcoming and calming environment. I feel I can focus and be free from distractions, which will help me get a lot more work done.”

Monisha Contractor, also in Year 12, said, “The Senior Study Precinct feels like our own little peaceful haven. It’s just great that we can get together and collaborate, especially before exams.”

Once they graduate, Year 12s remain connected to the College as alumni, through the Old Flinderians’ Association, who can help them to link up with other alumni in similar tertiary courses or career paths for advice or mentoring.   

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