Flinders Primary Reads for Charity and Raises $14,000

At the end of Term 2, our Primary School students achieved a stupendous fundraising effort, raising more than $14,000 for charity and in-school projects through the 'Read for Change' challenge.

In just seven days, 250 Flinders students from Prep to Year 6 read hundreds of books to raise this incredible sum from their sponsors to help the two children we support through World Vision, as well as the local SunnyKids charity and other initiatives.

The success also helps to initiate creative projects in our Primary School with students to be involved in designing a College art mural and participating in art workshops guided by an artist who will be in residence at Flinders in Term 3.

Parents, siblings, grandparents and teachers visited during the week of the ‘Read for Change’ challenge to read with younger children and encourage our older students by talking with them about their chosen books and favourite authors.

It was lovely to see groups of children and adults reading together in the sunshine before and after school and during lunch breaks at the reading stations of bean bags, rugs and stools that were set up all over the Primary campus.

Principal Stuart Meade and wife, Suzie, treated the readers with a visit from their two dogs, who proved an incredibly cute distraction from the page!

Thank you to our Student Staff Council for organising this important literacy challenge and fundraiser, and congratulations to our students for their community service efforts and passion for reading.

Flinders is determined to support all students to develop 'contribution' as one of their competencies.

Our College's goal is to give our students plenty of opportunities, such as this fundraising challenge, to experience the sense of fulfilment that comes from taking responsibility for their actions and being of service to others in need in their community.

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