Flinders Senior Students Use Tech and Creativity to Lead and Connect

Students at Matthew Flinders Anglican College in Buderim have been inspired to get creative and find new ways with technology to keep their college culture strong via the online space during COVID-19.

College Captains Harrison Gentile and Holly Monroe say the Year 11s and Year 12s are happy to return to campus, along with students in Prep and Year 1, and are looking forward to 25 May when the whole school community will be together again. 

In the meantime, student leaders have created opportunities for the Secondary School to be social and connect online, from hosting ‘virtual assemblies’ to recording a Flinders Podcast edition, instigating video talent quests and hosting an Instagram takeover.

“It was strange being separated at home, but we were delighted that we still had the chance to connect as a Secondary School in a number of meaningful ways during the period of remote learning,” Harrison said. 

“For example, our Senior leaders created virtual Secondary School assemblies with video messages from Principal Stuart Meade and our College Captains across the sub-schools, as well as a dance collaboration video to give everyone a laugh,” he said.    

“As College Captains and Vice Captains, we also enjoyed a conversation with our Principal on the new Flinders ‘Uncharted Waters’ podcast, as well as hosting a 'Flinders Instagram Takeover' and a 'Flinders Got Talent' project calling for videos of students' special talents.

“The Middle School students in Years 7-9 also hosted their own 'Lessons in Lockdown' project on Instagram to share photos and messages of the positive lessons they learned about themselves and their families through this crazy scenario while at home.” 

Holly said, “Our Heads of School and teachers have been very supportive and encouraged us as student leaders to be creative and step into our leadership roles while off campus.

“2020 is going to be one we will always remember so we wanted to contribute by creating opportunities for our student community to encourage and support one another, and to have fun together.” 

Vice Captain, Justin Holland said, “When we look for the positives in the experience we can see that we have grown as individuals and as a school community thanks to being able to use the technology available to us at Flinders in new and innovative ways. 

“We anticipate that the period of separation will make everyone more grateful for each other's company face to face.”   

Vice Captain Jessica Rolle said, “It’s great that the Year 11s and Year 12s are back on campus so we have been finding ways to keep the Years 7-10 students engaged and feeling a part of on-campus activities until they are back too on 25 May. ” 


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