Flinders Welcomes Laura Bain as Flinders' Head of Emerging Tech and Innovation (Primary School)

Flinders is thrilled to welcome Laura Bain to our staff team in the new role of Head of Emerging Technologies and Innovation, Primary

. Laura will provide strategic leadership and management of the integration of emerging technologies and innovation across Prep to Year 6. Laura will also support, coach and mentor staff and students to identify, learn and leverage technology to meet design and entrepreneurial project briefs.

Laura, thanks for sharing your story and welcome to our College community!

Through your role, how do you intend to support and guide the Primary School students at Flinders and the College community? 

I have a passion for technology and a strong belief in its transformative potential in education. I love exploring new tools and my skill is envisioning how they may be leveraged in the classroom to enhance teaching and learning. Being creative myself, I most enjoy working with students and helping them to see themselves as creators with technology, unlocking new ideas and expressing imagination.

What are you looking forward to about your new role at Flinders? 
I am excited to begin working to support teachers to find exciting ways to engage students in learning. Part of my role will be assisting in the development of new units that integrate digital technologies, design and entrepreneurial thinking. I also look forward to leading innovation by championing new initiatives and projects that will continue to build Flinders’ outstanding reputation for excellence in learning.

Please share some of your background story.
I am Queensland-born and raised, attending school and university locally before moving to London in the first years of my teaching career. While living in the United Kingdom, I enjoyed the opportunity to travel around Europe. Since returning to Australia, I have continued to enjoy plenty of travel. One of my favourite holidays is to the snow to go skiing. My husband and I own two Miniature Schnauzers, with big personalities, who I know are just going to love exploring the beaches of the Sunshine Coast.

What are your previous roles and what you have you enjoyed about your career to date?
I have worked as a primary classroom teacher in public, private and international settings. My most recent role was as the Head of Digital Learning and Innovation at The Springfield Anglican College. The education industry is such a dynamic and evolving area with so much scope for innovation and creativity. Working with technology in schools means there are always new tools to explore that help to leverage the learning potential in the classroom. It is an exciting space to work in. My career has afforded me much growth as an individual and as a professional.

What do you love about living on the Sunshine Coast?
I am completely new to the Sunshine Coast community and more than a little excited to be here! My family holidayed on the Sunshine Coast each summer from when I was very young through to when I started university. It holds many special memories for me and I cannot wait to make many more. After travelling much of the world, there are not many places that can compare, in my opinion.

What hobbies do you look forward to exploring on the Sunshine Coast?
I consider myself a bit of an amateur artist in my free time. I like to dabble in watercolours currently but also enjoy photography, digital art and many other mediums. I am hoping to find some art classes or clubs to join on the Sunshine Coast. I also enjoy plants and gardening. When it comes to getting active, I enjoy Reformer Pilates and walking our two dogs, Baxter and Byron.

What do you enjoy about working in a school community?
I think schools are amazing places to work. You get to work with the most dedicated and passionate people. I enjoy getting to know families and students and seeing them grow and develop.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?
Never stop learning.

Who gave you the advice and how has it helped you to grow as a person?
As a pre-service teacher, I was under the misconception that you learn to be a teacher and that is it; you come to work, ‘teach’ and then go home. One of my mentor teachers demonstrated to me that the best teachers never stop learning and are in fact master learners. She shared a book she was reading with me and then explained how she was using what she had learned in her classroom. I learnt a lot about reflective practice from her and developed the confidence to always try new approaches. It made me braver as a teacher and it also made me much better at thinking on my feet. The time with this teacher really stuck with me and has greatly contributed to who I am as a teacher now. I love learning and trying new things.


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