Flinders' Year 12s Deliver Strong Academic Results

The Matthew Flinders Anglican College community congratulates its Year 12 cohort for their strong academic results, continuing Flinders’ record as one of the leading academic schools on the Sunshine Coast and amongst the top schools in Queensland.

Eleven of Flinders Year 12 students have been awarded an OP1 - the largest OP1 group for a school in the Sunshine Coast region this year, while nine students achieved an OP2 and a further 10 students achieved an OP3.

This resulted in the percentage of OP 1-3 for the cohort equal to 26.5% and compares to 11.4% State-wide.

Furthermore, the Flinders Year 12 group worked together to achieve the best possible results on the Queensland Core Skills (QCS) Test with:

  • 36.4% of students achieving an ‘A’ (compared to 16.5% State-wide) 
  • 64.6% achieving either an ‘A’ or ‘B’ (compared to 46.1% State-wide). 

Other notable statistics for Flinders Class of 2019 include:

  • 41.6% of students achieving an OP 1-5 (compared to 22.5% across the State)
  • 57.5% of students achieving an OP 1-7 (compared to 34.75% across the State); and
  • 92.9% of students achieved OP 1-15 range (compared to 82.9% across the State).

Flinders students who were awarded OP1 and OP2 are:

OP1: Harrison Bohl, Ben Carey, Amy Courtney (College Captain), Patrick Geoghegan, Matt Giegerl, Stella Johnson, Finton O’Beirne, Merlynne Posner, Maddy Prager, Zennjo Searle (College Vice Captain), Amy Wortmann.

OP2: Kelsey Bretherton, Charles Caesar, Thomas Chester, Maya Eckerman, Niamh Fleming, Elliott Gray, Lottie Quinn, Mollie Taylor, Hannah Urbahn. 

Principal Stuart Meade congratulated the Flinders Year 12 cohort for striving for excellence in life and learning throughout their senior years. 

“Flinders’ Year 12 graduates have worked hard to realise their academic potential, particularly in their final year, while simultaneously experiencing the breadth of co-curricular opportunities available to them at a quality school such as Flinders,” Mr Meade said.

“We are confident that our graduates will similarly embrace the next phase of their lives beyond our College as they explore their tertiary and career interests, and contribute to making the world a better place,” he said.

“Our whole Flinders community supports our Year 12 graduates and wishes them well.”

Photo by Iain Curry.

Photo caption: Principal Stuart Meade (standing, far left) and senior staff congratulate some of the Year 12 graduates at Matthew Flinders Anglican College who achieved top results, with a celebratory morning tea on Monday, December 16, 2019.

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