Learning to Lead: Year 5 Camp

There was excitement in the air as the morning of Year 5 camp finally arrived for students at Matthew Flinders Anglican College. 

Students eagerly boarded the bus, ready for the team bonding exercises and character building challenges that lay ahead. 

From the giant swing to caving and even a high ropes course, themes of leadership, resilience and teamwork were threaded throughout the camp’s activities. 

The camp included a new format for 2022, with students returning to the College a day early to partake in engaging learning experiences on campus.

Educating and empowering students to be the best leaders they can be, Year 5 camp is an opportunity for learners to connect with their peers in an encouraging and supportive environment, said year level co-ordinator, Mrs Jenny Webb.

“Year 5 camp takes students on a leadership journey, with deeper exploration of their personal influence, teamwork, communication and contribution to the group,” Jenny said.

“Students are involved in a myriad of engaging and interactive activities, designed to unite the cohort as they approach Year 6,” she said. 

“I was particularly impressed this year, with students developing the capability, resilience and readiness to step up to new challenges as they move forward in their education and lives.”

Service-learning: Preparing Students for Leadership 

Year 5 students reflected on their experience, sharing stories of the fun they had and the lessons they learned along the way.

“I liked the variety of activities, some of which I’ve never done before. I think the only thing I didn’t like… was leaving!” said Sophie L.

“We really got to know each other on this camp, which was my favourite part. On the giant swing, one of my friends was quite nervous so we all cheered for her to give her the confidence to take the leap… Which she did! We all encouraged each other to do our best and really bonded as a team,” said Summer. 

“There were so many great activities, I can’t pick a favourite one because I loved them all. I enjoyed spending time with my friends and making new ones. On the last night of camp, I remember sitting there thinking… ‘Well, that was fun!’” said Cade. 

“I liked that we got to meet new people and work in a team. We all have different skills and we worked together to use our skills in the challenges,” said Blake.

“Working together as a team was my highlight, everyone was so helpful and supportive of each other. The activities were challenging, particularly caving, but really rewarding,” said Rayan. 

Outdoor Education at Flinders 

Providing our students with a sense of peace as they connect with the natural world, outdoor education is integral to student learning at Matthew Flinders Anglican College.

At Flinders, students are given the opportunity to step outside of their comfort zone, develop their character, learn new skills and build friendships.

The College offers an array of outdoor education opportunities and co-curricular opportunities, such as the Duke of Edinburgh program and the Outdoor Adventure Club.

To learn more about outdoor education at Flinders, click here.

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