Quality Teaching at Flinders

Quality teaching is a major contributor to student academic success and wellbeing. Matthew Flinders Anglican College is committed to developing an accomplished, well-resourced and inspirational teaching team to guide, teach and support our 1,300 students from Prep to Year 12.

The Flinders teaching team prides itself on nurturing a genuine environment of care, friendship and respect to ensure that every student feels supported to learn and thrive.

The Flinders Framework for Teaching
Our teaching staff are guided by the College’s pedagogical framework: the Flinders Framework for Teaching. This Framework:

  • reflects the College’s deep commitment to high standards of professional teaching practice as a key contributor to student outcomes.
  • identifies those aspects of a teacher’s responsibilities that have been documented through empirical studies and theoretical research as promoting student learning.
  • captures the complexity of teaching and defines what teachers at Flinders should know and do in the exercise of their profession.

The Flinders Framework for Teaching is derived from the Danielson Framework, identified by the Measures of Effective Teaching (2013) research project as the only teaching framework of the 13 evaluated by the study which had a positive correlation with higher student achievement.

The adaptations made to create the Flinders Framework for Teaching ensure that the AITSL Professional Standards for Teachers are encompassed, and elaborated upon. The changes also ensure that unique aspects of the College’s teaching and learning culture are preserved and protected.

Professional Development
Teachers at Flinders are committed to ongoing professional learning and collaboration. This positive and collegial approach to upskilling underpins our students’ academic success.

Our staff have access to:

  • trained Cognitive and Instructional Coaches,
  • internal and external professional development opportunities, and
  • Professional Learning Teams, which exist to allow teachers to collaborate and share good practice.

Our College professional development program is steered by the Head of Teaching and Learning in the Primary School, and by the Head of Learning and Innovation in our Secondary School.

These lead roles provide support for our teachers to be proactive and innovative in their goal setting for professional growth. Our teachers are encouraged to engage in the best research and professional partnerships available in Australia and abroad to help them achieve excellence in teaching practice.

Flinders Professional Learning Hub
The Flinders Professional Learning Hub is a tailor-made online portal to enable and support our teachers to grow professionally and share the rewards of their improved practice. Our teachers also work collaboratively face-to-face in Professional Learning Teams every fortnight to discuss and share best practice. This ensures that as a team we all commit and contribute to providing a quality education for our students.

The Flinders Professional Learning Hub encourages and enables our teachers to:

  • be proactive educators who are self-driven and innovative in their approach to excellence in teaching
  • set short-term and long-term goals for improving their teaching practice
  • access mentoring and participate in leading professional development workshops and industry conferences offered nationally to enable them to achieve their goals
  • engage in peer-to-peer coaching
  • develop their own e-portfolios
  • access leading industry resources
  • reflect upon their growth against the Danielson’s Group’s ‘The Framework for Teaching’ that guides our College’s education focus.

Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher Accreditation
Six Primary School teachers and two Secondary School teachers at our College have volunteered to complete an 18-month accreditation process as top educators.

The teachers are striving to be recognised as Highly Accomplished and Lead Teachers, which are nationally-recognised qualifications for the very best teachers in Australia.

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