Podcast Episode 13: Principal Stuart Meade in Conversation With Dr Louise McCuaig, Head of Pastoral Programs

The latest episode of the Flinders 'Uncharted Waters' podcast is now live. Please join us for Episode 13 where Principal Stuart Meade meets with Dr Louise McCuaig who joined the College this term in the new role of Head of Pastoral Programs at Flinders.

Stuart and Louise discuss the vision for pastoral care at Flinders: to create a culture and environment that enables students to become independent, self regulated and confident in their capacity to flourish in the wider world beyond the school gates.

Louise explains how students from Prep to Year 12 have access to a wide range of College initiatives and support networks through the four pastoral areas of wellbeing; endeavour and enterprise/entrepreneurship; leadership; and learning.

Through a stronger and more cohesive pastoral care focus at Flinders, there will be more opportunities for student voice, student-initiated projects, student-driven leadership and peer mentoring to become a natural part of our vibrant and caring school culture.

Louise also explains the importance of a strong partnership between school and home to best support young people to navigate through the complexities of life.

The challenge is to shift the locus of control from the external to the internal so that students develop a greater sense of awareness and feel responsible for their own choices and actions, successes and failures. Louise asks, "How can we provide opportunities for students to show how they can be independent and take on responsibility for their lives?"

Listen to Episode 13 here:

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