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Educating for Excellence in Learning and Life

Matthew Flinders Anglican College is recognised as one of Australia’s leading independent academic schools.

Since foundation in 1990, our College has established a strong reputation for balancing academic rigour with a diverse co-curricular program and strong wellbeing and pastoral care. Students are also encouraged to explore the diverse opportunities for leadership, entrepreneurship and community service so they may become aware and empowered citizens with the desire and skills to contribute in the wider world.

Flinders is a dynamic co-educational College that is committed to:

  • cultivating in each student a spirit of enquiry, mastery and personal best
  • fostering a culture of excellence in learning and life
  • providing a welcoming and caring environment
  • upholding high expectations and values
  • employing and developing quality teachers and administrators
  • maintaining a strong focus on innovation.

Located in Buderim in the heart of the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Flinders provides a quality education to nurture and challenge our more than 1,400 students in all areas of learning through their journey from Prep to Year 12. Our College campus is a 22-hectare rainforest-fringed property with lush tropical gardens, manicured lawns, impeccably maintained sports ovals and quality facilities, designed to support the health and wellbeing of our students, staff and families.

From the early years, children are supported through our Flinders Early Learning Centre, which provides 120 families with creative, compassionate and caring play-based Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten programs in natural environments inspired by the child-centred Reggio Emilia experience.

Throughout the Primary and Secondary Schools, the College has an exceptional standing in academic performance and is recognised as one of the top schools in Queensland. We achieve equally commendable results and impact in our music, sports and creative arts programs, with tailored and enrichment curriculum on offer to challenge students to achieve their personal best. With strong core values of compassion, courage, integrity and respect, we are committed to nurturing our students’ personal development.

Flinders is proudly part of Round Square - an internationally diverse network of 200 like-minded schools in 50 countries on six continents. Round Square schools uphold the IDEALS of Internationalism, Democracy, Environmentalism, Adventure, Leadership and Service, and provide student exchange opportunities and service projects with partner schools in Australia and internationally.

From The Principal


to Matthew Flinders
Anglican College

As the fifth College principal since foundation in 1990, I am honoured to work together with our community to guide Flinders into the future with imagination, courage and resolve.

I invite you to learn more about the educational offering at Flinders, where the quality of every experience shapes our vision for ‘Excellence in Learning and Life’.

We strive for every student, staff and family in our community to feel valued, included, informed and connected to one another and to the College.

Our beautiful rainforest-fringed campus on the Sunshine Coast has grown in size and renown to become a healthy, dynamic and innovative learning environment for students from Pre-Kindy to Year 12.

While each student will experience a unique Flinders journey, all students are supported to pursue academic excellence, explore a rich co-curricular life and develop their character and wellbeing through our core values of compassion, courage, integrity and respect.

We believe teachers play a crucial role in igniting a love of learning and self-confidence in young people; as such, our intent is to nurture vibrant and professionally engaged staff at Flinders. A culture of critical thinking and innovation is woven throughout our teaching model to equip our students with a skillset and the agility to adapt to a radically reimagined future.

Flinders recognises that the world needs people of strong mind, heart and character, with the confidence and capability to positively impact the world. We provide countless opportunities for our students to become ethical and empowered global citizens, ready to step beyond Flinders and lead healthy and successful lives.

Students eagerly embrace co-curricular life at Flinders and the chance to learn new passions, hone skills, be courageous, build friendships, experience success (and failure!) and have fun. Diverse opportunities are offered across sports, music, the dramatic arts, innovation, community service and outdoor adventure.

The facilities at Flinders are indeed impressive and blend respectfully with the subtropical environment. The College Board and Leadership Team continue to plan for the future through the Flinders Masterplan, with the new world-class Infinity Centre and Year 7 Precinct in the Secondary School, and Flagship Centre and Wonderarium in the Primary School.

Affiliated with the Anglican Church, our College promotes Christian values in all its endeavours to raise people of respect for self and others.

I invite you to visit the College and learn more about the exciting opportunities for our Flinders families choosing a strong and healthy start in life for their children.

Ms Michelle Carroll | Principal

Our Guiding Statements

Our Guiding Statements

Our School

We educate for excellence in learning and life.

We value compassion, courage, integrity and respect.

We welcome students, parents and staff from diverse backgrounds, faiths and cultures in accordance with our Christian principles.

Our Mission

Through transformational learning experiences, we inspire our students to achieve academic excellence, develop a profound sense of humanity and be motivated to create positive change in the world around them.

Our Values

Our Motto

Our Vision

To Educate for Excellence in Learning and Life

Why Choose Flinders?

Why Choose Flinders?

Quality Teaching and Holistic Learning

We believe holistic learning starts with a passionate, talented and engaged staff team and a holistic learning philosophy. Each student has a unique journey. Our educators customise the learning experience and guide each student to discover and grow their strengths, needs, skills and interests. What’s more, real-world learning is embedded into the Flinders curriculum to provide an education that is meaningful, experiential and consequential to the world beyond. In this way, students develop a passion for lifelong learning and discover they are connected to one another and a part of the global community.

Academic Excellence

At Flinders, we nurture a learning environment that promotes exceptional scholarship and character development through a culture of deep learning and engagement. Our students are supported to pursue academic excellence and grow as happy, healthy and confident individuals with the character and competencies to contribute to the wider world. Our graduates consistently achieve top ATAR results and the vast majority secure their first-choice tertiary courses.

Enrichment Programs

Enrichment and differentiated programs are offered as part of our core curriculum to challenge and engage high potential students and also to develop all students to realise their potential. Programs include Advanced Mathematics, the Music Edge curriculum for skilled musicians and vocalists in Years 8 and 9, the Flinders Elite Athlete Program to support and mentor our high performing athletes to balance their sporting and academic commitments, and the Ready For… program in the Primary School to provide differentiated learning with specialised teaching support and targeted activities in numeracy and literacy concepts.

“Our consistently high academic results have cemented Flinders’ place alongside the top schools in Australia and as a consistently high-achieving school on the Sunshine Coast.”

Wellbeing and Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is a key priority at Flinders. We want every student to understand that they are seen, cared for, listened to, respected and supported by a strong and connected school community. As part of daily life at Flinders, through the curriculum and co-curricular opportunities, students learn the importance of wellbeing, values and social and emotional skills. In the Secondary School, the Flinders Wellbeing Program equips our students to live and learn in positive, healthy and meaningful ways.

Co-Curricular Opportunities

Beyond the classroom, students embrace opportunities offered as part of a healthy and inspired life at Flinders. Students of all ages, abilities and interests are able to explore music, sports, the creative arts, outdoor education, and community service learning and leadership. Having interests outside of academics helps young people to recharge, develop friendships and have fun – all vital for wellbeing. Students also build confidence as they venture beyond their comfort zones while serving others and making a positive impact in the community.

Top Facilities

Top-class facilities at Flinders are important for enabling and challenging our students to excel. We commit to providing and maintaining innovative and aspirational spaces, including our agile classrooms, libraries, two commercial tuckshops, a high-tech digital zone, breakout and quiet spaces, presentation rooms, an outdoor classroom, art and design studios, and a newly refurbished and upgraded music department. Key facilities include the state-of-the-art Performance Centre, Chapel, indoor Sports Centre, Flinders Aquatic Centre, half-hectare Flinders Farm and agricultural hub, and Quarterdeck Café.

Flinders Masterplan

A suite of new precincts opened recently as part of the Flinders Masterplan, including the Year 7 Precinct and the state-of-the-art Infinity Centre for Secondary School students to embrace and explore entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity and design thinking across the subjects of Visual Art, Design, Technology, Digital Technology, Business and more. In the Primary School, masterplanned facilities include the Flagship Centre for our Years 5 and 6 students, the Wonderarium learning centre and the Junior Primary Nature Playground.

Wellbeing and Pastoral Care

Wellbeing and Pastoral Care

Wellbeing and pastoral care are a priority at Flinders. Our staff team and wider College community commit to nurturing the personal development of all students, enhancing their cognitive, physical, social, spiritual and emotional self.

We set high expectations for our students and encourage our community to uphold our four core values of Compassion, Courage, Integrity and Respect. Within this empowering and caring culture, we are careful to ensure that our students have access to a strong support network and develop a sense of self, group and community wellbeing. The aim is that each child achieves his or her personal best while respecting others.

The pastoral and academic progress of every child is monitored closely by the class teacher or mentor. All students attend services in our Chapel during the school year. Our College Chaplain, who is an Anglican Priest, and our Counsellors form part of our pastoral care network. We also have College Nurses to attend to the health needs of our students. Further support is provided through our Principal and College Leadership Team, Heads of House, Year Level Co-ordinators, Heads of Sub- Schools and the wider Flinders community.

Our holistic approach to wellbeing guides our students to be resilient, kind and compassionate while developing a sense of belonging and the confidence to be active, engaged learners who are ready to grow and strive for excellence in learning and life. Cooper, our school dog, also boosts the feel-good vibes on campus when he visits!

Primary School

In our Primary School we teach wellbeing, values and social and emotional skills as part of daily life at Flinders and also through the curriculum, including Religious and Values Education (RAVE), Flinders Wellbeing lessons and Chapel.

New students are settled into Flinders through an extensive orientation process, irrespective of their year of entry.

Secondary School

Students in the Secondary School are encouraged to form deep interpersonal relationships and recognise the support available to them through our pastoral care network. This includes the House community where there are eight Houses, with each comprising approximately 100 students from Years 7 to 12. Each House has a Head of House and six Homeroom Mentors. Staff members form strong bonds with our students and interact with them daily.

Our Flinders Wellbeing Program enables students to learn valuable skills and knowledge of how to develop, value and prioritise a ‘well’ life. Informed by current research, this program delivers a wellness curriculum, enterprise experiences, life adventures and leadership pathways. When students graduate from Flinders, they become Old Flinderians and remain a vital, respected and supported part of our College alumni community as they journey through life.

The Flinders Journey

The Flinders Journey

Flinders Early Learning Centre


The Flinders Early Learning Centre (FELC) is located in a beautiful rainforest setting, neighbouring the Matthew Flinders Anglican College campus. The centre provides light-filled classrooms, flexible learning spaces, outdoor learning areas, veggie gardens and rainforest gardens, art studios, writing centres, discovery areas, reading nooks, interactive whiteboards and the latest in information technology.

FELC’s Reggio Emilia-inspired learning programs are led by an experienced Director and taught by a committed team of four-year university-trained early childhood teachers, who are supported by early learning assistants with a minimum of two years’ training experience. There is also the popular Bush Kindy program and regular outings via a short campus walk to the Flinders Farm.

Primary School

Flinders Primary School

At Flinders Primary School, we strive to enable every child to realise their academic potential and develop as critical thinkers with creative and curious minds, a collaborative disposition and a strong moral character.

Flinders was proud to be endorsed as the Primary School of the Year (Non-Government)
at the 2023 Australian Education Awards.


At Flinders Junior Primary we are mindful of how we can support our youngest students to feel inspired and connected as they commence their school lives at Flinders.

Our committed and passionate team of educators work together to offer personalised transition programs, helping children to build confidence and resilience as they embrace the many adventures experienced when joining a new school.


Our Primary School is committed to a seamless transition from Junior Primary to the dynamic environment of Senior Primary. From Year 4, students begin to extend their learning through developing deeper levels of understanding and competency across a broad range of topics, subjects and concepts where deeper and higher-order thinking skills are prioritised.

Leadership opportunities are experienced in Senior Primary as students progress from class leadership roles, such as the Round Square Ambassadors, towards the Year 6 leadership roles of School Leader, House Captain and Music Captain for Choir, Orchestra and Band. Outdoor Camps are further opportunities for leadership and skills development, with students embarking on overnight experiences.

Our community provides a balanced and robust foundation for learning and life.

Flinders Primary is a place where kindness and curiosity, expectations and support, responsibility and accountability, enquiry and mastery, encouragement and challenge, and rigour and engagement work seamlessly together.

Our teaching team’s priority is to help our students develop and celebrate the dispositions that support great learning. Both in Junior Primary (Prep to Year 3) and Senior Primary (Years 4 to 6), students strive to high academic standards and are encouraged to be willing, engaged and responsible participants in their learning.

Through this positive and empowering culture, students begin to understand that innate talents are only realised through hard work, dedication and effective learning dispositions and behaviours. At Flinders, students experience the power and satisfaction of setting goals and working diligently to achieve them.

There is an intentional focus on literacy and numeracy at Flinders Primary, knowing that mastery leads to confidence. Our English Specialist Teacher, Mathematics Specialist Teacher and support staff facilitate smaller class sizes in the priority areas of literacy and numeracy. Students who are ready to apply their learning to more complex tasks are challenged and extended.

Flinders is committed to being a leading school in design thinking and offers its signature I-care and i-Impact programs for students to develop skills in empathy and innovation through real-world projects that have a positive impact in the community. Personal, social and emotional skills are taught and nurtured at Flinders through our wellbeing, pastoral and service programs, in the knowledge that school should be as much about educating the heart, as it is the mind.

Another key defining feature of the Flinders experience is the positive relationships nurtured in our College. These supportive networks enable our students to gain confidence in themselves as learners. Our students are guided and cared for by our highly professional and dedicated educators and operational staff who each have a strong commitment to continuous professional growth and collaboration. Our teachers use high-impact teaching strategies that enable students to build essential knowledge and skills and a deep understanding of how to apply their learning in meaningful ways.

Our Primary School campus is a welcoming and creative space, bordered by rainforest and set amidst landscaped gardens and nature playgrounds. The spacious, light-filled classrooms have integrated technology and are a joy to teach and learn in. The Flinders Masterplan has recently delivered a suite of new facilities. Our new Wonderarium – which is part-library, part-museum, part-art gallery and part-Questacon – aims to inspire a sense of awe, connection and inspiration. Students are inspired through our Wonder Lessons, known as Wonderations, where big questions are explored, and curiosity and critical thinking are engaged.

The annual musical production invites our students with a passion for the dramatic arts to develop talents, step beyond comfort zones and build confidence. Further opportunities beyond the classroom are provided through Flinders’ signature co-curricular and extra-curricular Find My Spark program and Play & Prosper program, and the Sunshine Coast Independent Schools Sports Association (SCISSA) inter-school sports program.

Students enjoy learning new skills, building friendships and being adventurous through our Outdoor Education camps program from Year 3 to Year 6. Adventure and service learning are also explored through the Junior Duke of Edinburgh Award in our Find My Spark program and as Round Square Ambassadors in Senior Primary where students initiate and support worthy causes and projects that embrace the IDEALS and DISCOVERIES of the Round Square Discovery Framework.

Signature Curriculum Programs at Flinders

Underpinned by research and evidence, our Flinders Primary programs strive to have a positive impact on students’ academic attainment while engaging and supporting students to excel in learning and life.

Leaner Powers

Our Learner Powers program focuses on building five dispositions to become engaged, successful and confident learners: Collaborative, Innovative, Reflective, Resilient and Self-Motivated. To begin, students become aware of what these dispositions entail, and must then identify their strengths and areas for growth. They are then ready to set goals to work towards.


Our Ready For… approach provides differentiation in Literacy and Numeracy to ensure students engage with the right level of personal challenge to support ongoing achievement and progress. This approach also enables smaller class sizes, resulting in more individual instruction.


The Primary School’s I-Care and i-Impact Programs empower students to use design thinking to empathise, ideate and prototype innovative solutions to cultural, social and environmental issues. Richly integrated emerging technologies assist in supporting a spirit of entrepreneurialism and social justice so that students can make a positive impact in the world.


Wonderations (our Primary Wonder Lessons) are taught from Prep to Year 6 and are designed to promote curiosity, wonder and awe in our students. Held in our Wonderarium, these lessons involve a series of prompts, designed to provoke students’ curiosity, encourage collaborative inquiry to formulate questions, find fascinating facts, share findings and reflect on how their thinking about world issues may have changed as a result.


The Flinders Way is an integrated aspect of the Primary Wellbeing Program. Each day, students explore different aspects of character development, values, team building and social and emotional learning to assist them to develop positive and ethically-informed character dispositions


Find My Spark features cultural, sporting, musical and lifestyle activities to support students to excel in learning and life. Play & Prosper enables students to engage in more structured play during lunchtimes to develop skills in collaboration, healthy friendships, resilience, conflict resolution and other key social and emotional competencies. Both programs enable our staff to share their passions and interests with students and support the development of social and emotional skills.

Our curriculum programs also give life to the goal that to teach well, educators must ensure that creativity and innovation are always present.

Secondary School

Flinders Secondary School

Throughout Secondary School at Flinders, there is a focus on high academic achievement, personal integrity, self-agency and community mindedness. We support and challenge our students to reach their full potential as they grow into young adults, striving to develop the character and competencies required to achieve excellence in learning and life.


The Middle School builds on the Primary School’s rich learning experiences where each student is supported to develop as responsible, resilient and independent learners ready to embrace the transition into Secondary School at Flinders.

Middle School students are supported in a caring, secure and welcoming environment to become self-reliant and responsible learners and leaders with a strong sense of identity. Adolescents have the need for purpose, empowerment, independence and success and so our Middle School practices are collaborative, outcome-based and centred on the learner.

Our bespoke Flinders Year to RISE curriculum program guides our Year 9 students through an exciting year of academic and character growth to prepare them for the demands and opportunities of Senior School.

YEARS 10 TO 12

Our Senior School offers unwavering support for students at this significant time in their academic journeys. Most of our senior students plan to enter university, and our curriculum is tailored towards these academic aspirations. There are also strong vocational and education training opportunities and hands-on learning projects for students who want to begin working towards their careers while in their senior years.

The final years of a Flinders education are full of major milestones. The positive relationships our students form with their teachers, Homeroom Mentors and Heads of House ensure the memories of Senior School are meaningful and last a lifetime.

“Flinders is intent on developing in students the competencies and dispositions required for a successful future, including communication, collaboration, and critical and creative thinking.”

The Secondary School comprises the Middle School (Years 7 to 9) and the Senior School (Years 10 to 12). Both schools offer our students a broad, rigorous academic program and pastoral and wellbeing program, along with a diverse range of sporting, cultural and recreational activities, and meaningful opportunities to exercise leadership and serve in the community.

Our Senior School students receive essential careers guidance and counselling to prepare them for life beyond the school gates, such as on-site university and residential college visits and access to local careers expos, Flinders-led information nights, speaker events and careers dinners with guest presentations by industry leaders and Old Flinderians. A favourite Flinders Senior School experience is the five-day retreat for our Year 11s, held in a college setting at the University of Queensland in Brisbane.

While maintaining our culture of academic excellence is paramount, it is also our goal to instil values in our students that create caring and conscientious citizens.

We nurture a sense of social responsibility in our students, who we hope will become informed and engaged citizens driven to make a positive contribution to the wider world.

Teaching and Learning

We place a great deal of emphasis on the 6 Cs, which we refer to as our Flinders Learner Traits: Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Character Development, Citizenship and Communication. These qualities shape our students into confident and capable community members, who are mature, articulate and able to adapt to life’s challenges.

Our teachers work in partnership with students and parents to reinforce these attributes, encouraging an atmosphere of open communication, wellbeing and participation. During their Secondary School years, students are encouraged to work diligently to attain their personal goals, while also learning to become independent and personally accountable. Our teachers also guide students in the art of teamwork, an important skill for their future study, careers and relationships, teaching them to become self-assured young adults who are confident working independently and alongside others.

The Flinders Masterplan has delivered the new Year 7 Precinct and the state-of-the-art Infinity Centre in 2024. The space will support the specialised needs of Senior School students from Years 10 to 12 in Visual Arts, Design and Technologies, Digital Technologies and Business. The facility will also be a key learning space for interdisciplinary curriculum, such as the IDEAS (Innovation, Design, Engineering, Art and Science) program in Years 7 and 8 and the new Year to RISE curriculum in Year 9 designed to inspire students to ask questions, seek solutions and take action.

Co-Curricular Opportunities

Co-Curricular Opportunities


Sport at Flinders is focused on participation and developing character and leadership skills. It provides our students with an opportunity to forge new friendships, challenge themselves, be healthy and have fun.

From Prep to Year 10, Health and Physical Education is a core part of our curriculum as students learn sun safety, community safety, water proficiency, nutrition, anatomy, healthy communities, teamwork, mindset, leadership, respect and fair play.

The House system at Flinders is strong, with eight House teams competing in our annual Inter-House Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country Carnivals, also provided as part of our core curriculum. Through these high-energy events, which involve team building and wellbeing activities and elements, our students develop a sense of community and care for their House and fellow House members. Students also engage in House-led charity fundraising activities to contribute to the wider community, which in turn help to strengthen our College culture.

Students at Flinders excel as teams and individuals with many top student athletes representing their teams at local, state and national levels. Flinders frequently secures championship titles in many sports, including athletics, netball, cross country, rugby, water polo and AFL.

To build students’ individual and team sporting prowess, Flinders engages world-class Directors of Coaching across the sports of soccer, cricket, touch football, rugby, basketball, water polo, volleyball, netball and hockey. Students can apply to be a part of the Flinders Elite Athlete Program (FEAP) for support in balancing their academic and sporting commitments and achieving their goals. FEAP provides students with workshops, presentations, mentors and health professionals to further enhance their athletics skills, mindset and learning capabilities.

There is a strong sense of community and kinship in our Flinders Music Program.


Our highly acclaimed Flinders Music Program incorporates the music curriculum, co-curricular opportunities and studio lessons, and is characterised by a strong sense of community. The College co-curricular music program has 23 ensembles, with almost one-third of students participating. Some of the ensembles are by invitation to students with a higher level of proficiency. These groups rehearse and perform in the Flinders Performance Centre, which is specifically designed for ensemble acoustics, as well as in the recently refurbished Music Centre.

Many of our music students and groups achieve top placings in music eisteddfods and go on to receive tertiary offers, either locally, interstate or internationally. An impressive number of Flinders graduates have gone on to have professional careers in music, including performance careers, teaching and composing.

Dramatic Arts

For students passionate about the dramatic arts, Flinders is committed to providing continual opportunities to participate in musical and theatre productions, workshops and touring. Students may choose co-curricular opportunities to audition and perform under the bright stage lights or learn technical skills behind the scenes. The outcomes are positive as students develop talents and skills while building lifelong friendships.

For keen students in the Primary School, there are opportunities to learn skills in auditioning, singing, dancing and acting, and perform in an annual musical production. All students are able to audition, rehearse and perform in professional venues on the Flinders campus, including the 600-seat main stage Performance Centre venue, the 120-seat traditional Drama Theatre and the intimate 90-seat Experimental Theatre.

Outdoor Education

The Flinders Outdoor Education program is an opportunity for students to challenge themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually, and to experience a sense of peace as they connect with the natural world. Students develop and strengthen friendships and connections with their peers and staff to provide them with vital support networks and a sense of belonging. Annual outdoor camps and leadership retreats are provided as part of the core curriculum from Years 7 to 11. Co-curricular opportunities include the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award for students to grow their character and skills through volunteering, adventures and leadership. Students are also able to apply to the College's Round Square program of international and domestic exchanges and service learning and leadership projects.

Service Learning and Leadership

One of the College’s core visions for our graduates is Contribution. We want our students to become informed citizens who are attuned to their environment, take responsibility for themselves and their actions, and serve their community. There are many cultural and service activities for Secondary School students to be involved in, such as Flinders Interact, the Flinders Environment Authority, French Club and Innovation Club. In the Primary School, students can be of service as Round Square Ambassadors, helping to lead their peers in fundraising for charities and supporting social justice projects, and through the Find My Spark program of entrepreneurial and community service clubs and activities.


Our Community

Flinders is committed to nurturing a connected and engaged community of students, parents, staff and graduates who care for and support each other and contribute to the College’s growth and vibrancy.

Flinders Parents & Friends

The Flinders P&F aims to support the College by providing resources to enhance the wellbeing and development of our students and staff, and to engage family and community. Fundraising and social events help to promote the inclusive and supportive nature of our Flinders community.

Flinders Foundation

The Flinders Foundation has a history of philanthropic character and aims to connect, engage and support the College community. The Foundation plays a vital role in funding and supporting the development of innovative and significant programs, scholarships and facilities for the benefit of students.

Old Flinderians

The sense of community and strong bonds fostered at Matthew Flinders Anglican College continue long past graduation. The Old Flinderians’ Association provides an ideal link between the College and graduates who have embarked on bright adventures. Our College community appreciates when Old Flinderians return to the College to say “hello” and to guest present at events, mentor at conferences and workshops, join in reunions and community events, and to play alongside our students, for example, by taking to the stage for a music concert or participating in friendly sports matches.

Round Square Network

Flinders is committed to developing student exchanges and service learning and leadership opportunities to enable our students to explore their place in the world, become informed citizens and take responsibility for themselves and their actions. To enable this service learning, Flinders is part of the international Round Square network of member schools.

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Matthew Flinders Anglican College provides students with a positive environment for excellence in learning and life.

To learn more about joining Flinders, we invite you to book a personalised tour of our campus with our Admissions Team.

Our intake years are Prep, Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 in the Primary School, and Year 7 and Year 10 in the Secondary School. Students are also admitted into other year levels as places become available.

We look forward to meeting you and your family, and sharing more about our friendly, caring and supportive Flinders community.

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