Q&A With Old Flinderian Annelise Jefferies (Class of 2010)

We asked Old Flinderian Annelise Jefferies (Class of 2010) to share some of the life lessons she has gained since graduating from Flinders.
Thank you, Annelise, for sharing your story!

What does life look like for you now?

I'm living and working on the Sunshine Coast as a clinical dietitian and I enjoy hiking, the beach and getting outdoors. 

What was your favourite Flinders moment?

My fondest memories are of the camp trips.  

How did you decide which career to pursue beyond graduation? And was it an easy decision?

I decided I was going to study as a sports physio alongside chasing some big goals in competitive sport. At the time, this was an easy decision that was shaped by some positive experiences I had as a young athlete. 

Did your further study and career go exactly as you planned?

During my studies and from some life experiences in sports, I became interested in nutrition and dietetics, and decided to change paths. So, it’s now 10 years after finishing Year 12 and I am still figuring out exactly what niche area I am passionate about. 

What’s your advice for current students?

Take opportunities to talk to people who are in the careers you are interested in. Ask why they chose their career, find out what the pathway involves, and what a day in their work life is like. Don't be stressed about knowing exactly what your destination is - you will figure it out along the way once you start. Any voluntary work you can do is a great way to immerse yourself to gain some real-world insight.

To learn more about our Old Flinderians and their ventures beyond graduation, visit Beyond Flinders here.

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