Staff profile: Meet Flinders Science and Biology teacher, John Andrews

Staff profile: John Andrews, Secondary School Teacher – Biology, Junior Science

Question: What skills, attitude and vision do you bring to your role to support and guide our students and our College community?

John: I have 38 years teaching experience and interest in the Sciences, especially Biology and Geology. I believe I have strong interpersonal skills, and an understanding of students. My vision as a teacher is to make my students smarter than me, to encourage them to develop a keen interest in Science and to expose them to a wide range of examples of scientific concepts and ideas. I help students to understand by using real-life examples and storytelling.

Q: How do you contribute to Flinders? And what do you enjoy about your role?
John: Teaching and mentoring young people gives me great enjoyment and fulfilment.

Q: From your experience, what is remarkable about they way Flinders students are supported and challenged academically?
John: I appreciate witnessing their support for one another. I also admire their willingness to learn and push themselves to develop their latent ability.

Q: What is your background? Can you please share parts of your history with us that will help our students and families to get to know you as a member of our Flinders staff.
John: I am originally a Botanist Geologist working as an environmental scientist
For 10 years I was a Boarding Master and Science Co-ordinator in a rural day and boarding school. I started here at Flinders when it only went to Year 10, which was 1992 . I have been the Head of Science Department at Flinders for 25 years, and was the Teacher-in-Charge of Touch Football for 20 years. I enjoy helping to develop and deliver learning experiences to young people, to encourage them to enjoy learning new skills.

Q: What do you love about living on the Sunshine Coast? 
John: I have a small acreage, with a Dexter cattle stud (a genetically tested A2 herd), Australia Miniature goat stud, Persian sheep, alpaca’s, bees (native and European), heritage chickens, geese and ducks. We make about eight different types of cheese from our cow and goat milks, as well as grow and preserve a variety of different fruits and vegetables. I also have an interest in Australian native orchids, palaeontology, geology, and I am developing my skills as a blacksmith.

Q: What do you enjoy about working in a school community?
John: I enjoy the long-term relationships I have established with families over the years – I have taught my second generation here.

Q: What is the best advice you have ever received?
John: Listen carefully and think before you speak. If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all.
All children are gifted, they just unwrap their presents at different times.
To be a good teacher you need zing, zang and abracadabra to keep it exciting and, most of all, fun.

Thank you so much John for sharing your ideas and interests with our community and for your passionate approach to teaching and learning. Our students and College community are richer for having you on staff. 

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