The New Flinders Electric Car Project on Podcast, Episode 15

Flinders Electric Vehicle Project

A new episode is live on the Matthew Flinders Anglican College podcast series, Uncharted Waters: Conversations with the Principal.

In Episode 15, Principal Stuart Meade speaks with the staff team facilitating an exciting new passion project at the College. Flinders students are converting a diesel car into an electric vehicle, and they need your help!

In this conversation, Flinders’ staff members, Mike King, Austin Telford and Edward Wright explain the plan to upcycle a Series 3 diesel Land Rover into an electric car.

Year 11 students are excited (an understatement!) to delve into the project as part of their Industrial Skills curriculum. The learning potential is limitless as students will explore design thinking, industrial engineering, environmental sustainability, creativity, collaboration and more.

Meanwhile, the wider College community is also invited to join in the fun! The project will need support from Flinders students, parents, family and friends with skills in project management, marketing, finance, engineering, interior design, fundraising, computer coding, graphic design, media and film making.

To learn more, listen to Episode 15 here

(00:38) Please tell us more about the Series 3 Land Rover that is now part of our Flinders fleet!
(1:33) How does this project involve and challenge our students?
(2:21) How does this project fit with our College curriculum and co-curricular program?
(2:54) How can our College community get involved?
(3:50) What is the project’s potential in terms of innovation in learning?
(5:45) Where did we source this vehicle from?
(6:54) When the car is converted, how will our College community be able to use it?


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