Flinders Podcast Episode 1: Principal Stuart Meade with Head of Senior School, Mr Gary Davis

Uncharted Waters: Conversations with the Principal is a new podcast series to help our students and Flinders families navigate the turbulent education landscape that is ever-evolving in response to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

You can listen to all episodes here.

In Episode 1, Principal Stuart Meade and Head of Senior School, Gary Davis consider the impact of the remote learning model on our Seniors’ learning as we commence Term 2.

It’s no surprise that our Year 11 and Year 12 students are concerned about the potential impact of the pandemic on their final phase of high school.

Here we tackle the big questions and concerns that are front of mind for our Seniors and their families.

After all, it’s not just final academic results that are at stake here.

We are also mindful of our students’ physical and emotional health and wellbeing, sense of connection and support, and their confidence in the future.

Here we share how Flinders is supporting our students through these tricky times.

Listen to Episode 1 here:
(01:00) What has changed for Year 12 students?
(03:27) How is remote learning affecting our Year 12 students?
(06:11) What do practical subjects look like in our remote learning environment?
(08:20) How has the change to remote learning affected our Year 11 students?
(10:00) Learning and organisation tips for senior students
(12:38) How will we transition back from remote learning to the classroom environment?

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