Flinders Podcast Episode 2: Principal Stuart Meade with Head of Junior Primary, Ms Chris Curtain


Join us for Episode 2 of the Flinders podcast series, Uncharted Waters: Conversations with the Principal. You can listen to this episode and others here.

In Episode 2, Principal Stuart Meade and Head of Junior Primary, Ms Chris Curtain explore how parents can structure and support their child’s remote learning at home as we dive into Term 2 of 2020 during Coronavirus lockdown.

Chris provides reassuring advice and helpful tips to enable families to prepare for and embrace the new model of remote learning for Primary School students.

No doubt you will agree with Stuart when he describes Chris as “…the voice of reason, experience and pragmatism”.

Enjoy this warm-hearted conversation, packed with reassuring advice on how to set you and your child up for a positive learning experience.

Listen to Episode 2 here:

(1:00) Why it’s important to adjust mindset to prepare for the new remote learning situation, and how this shift in attitude helps to minimise stress and maximise patience.
(2.14) Advice for parents wondering how much school work should be packed into each day for children in the junior primary years.
(3:20) How to encourage your child to become more independent over time to boost their learning confidence.
(4:27) How parents might be able to design their own work schedule to take into account their child’s learning schedule.
(4:45) A child’s connection with his or her friends is important. How you can support your child to connect with friends and family.
(6:10) What are the key routines and schedules for success with remote learning at home
(8:49) Why children love a little bit of control over their own learning and how to encourage this independence. Also, how to manage screen time for your child’s health, and how to be mindful of positivity and patience to protect the connection with your child.

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