Another Successful Year 6 Production with Dr Dolittle: The Musical in 2023! 

The Flinders Year 6 Class of 2023 will always be remembered for courageously and confidently presenting their whimsical production of Dr Dolittle: The Musical Jr. over three shows on Wednesday, 30 August and Thursday, 31 August in the Flinders Performance Centre

Each year, the entire Year 6 cohort of Matthew Flinders Anglican College are tasked with creating and presenting a production as part of the core curriculum - providing students with lifelong memories and the chance to discover more about themselves and the creative process.  

Featuring music and lyrics by Leslie Bricusse, Doctor Dolittle Jr. tells the classic tale of the doctor who learned to talk to animals and the epic adventures that follow. 

Flinders Head of Primary Music, Mrs Lenora Phillips said the students embraced the production journey and experienced the joy and wonder of creating the musical masterpiece for their audiences of family, friends and members of the College community and wider community. 

“Every Year 6 student at Flinders was involved in the production and we congratulate each student for their commitment, sense of fun, teamwork and courage,” Mrs Phillips said. 

“While some students may have initially found the process pushed them out of their comfort zone, it was so impressive to observe the way they enthusiastically rose to the challenge.” 

Head of Primary, Mrs Trudi Edwards said the production experience had enabled students to explore their creative talents and showcase them in a highly collaborative manner.

“Our Year 6 cohort have also built new skills, learned about storytelling, explored set design, choreography and teamwork, and performed under the bright lights on stage as a cast! 

“Along the way, our students have been able to grow stronger bonds and develop important character traits and skills of courage, commitment, resilience and self-confidence, which helps to support their collective transition to Secondary School next year in Year 7.”

In her speech as the curtain dropped on the final production, Mrs Edwards gave particular thanks to Mrs Lenora Phillips for her unwavering passion and commitment to supporting the students and managing all aspects of the production.

The Year 6 students were all asked to provide their post-production feedback to Mrs Phillips. Here are some of their reflections: 

Grace in 6M said, “I think that many people grew over the course of the musical. It was fun to participate in. Everyone in the grade worked hard and looked like they thoroughly enjoyed it.” 

Max H in 6M said, “I liked the musical because it was a chance to spend time with the year level and work collaboratively. Also, the absolute best part was that I was able to get some experience in the theatre.” 

Seb G in 6M said, “I learned how to juggle and it was a fun experience.”

Seb B in 6M said, “The musical was a great experience for this year. It helped me grow in confidence on stage, and I now have more friends and learned to collaborate with peers. This has encouraged me to participate in the Flinders Youth Theatre and do more musicals. I believe it has made me become a better collaborator and a better actor.”

Jack in 6M said, “During the musical preparation everything was a blur that went very fast. The musical turned out very well and was a great experience for not just me but the entire cohort. I will admit at the start of the term I was nervous and did not want to do the musical. But overall I am glad I did it. It was amazing and I honestly can't thank the music teachers and people who organised it enough.”

Daniel R-K in 6M said, “This was a great opportunity for me and I loved it so very much. It is a memory I will never forget! The Years 5s and 4s should be very excited for their musical! I will cherish this memory of the musical forever!!”  

Scarlett G in 6C said, “The best part about the play was that I got to sit in the fish tank with my friends and pop the bubbles when Dab-Dab came in for a checkup.” 

Asher in 6A said, “It was such a memorable experience that I will always cherish. I made so many memories. It was really fun to perform, and I have been waiting for that performance ever since Kindy. It was truly the most amazing experience ever.”

Clementine in 6A said, “I’ve been in a few performances before, but I found the Year 6 musical very exciting because you got to see your friends and classmates in their costumes and have a laugh. Especially since there were no high schoolers, it opens up some more opportunities you usually wouldn’t get. All of the scenes were very enjoyable, even when I wasn’t on stage. Overall the experience was fun and I’m glad I did it.” 

Emma in 6F said, “The musical was a great experience. I enjoyed all the singing and acting. It was an amazing experience for me to act on stage in front of so many people.” 

Laila P in 6F said, “The musical was a great experience for me to challenge myself by remembering all my lines. I also really enjoyed working with  people that I wouldn’t usually work with. It was also a thrill being on stage and performing with the rest of the grade in full costumes and makeup.” 

Matthew H in 6A said, “The musical was a very interesting experience with highs and lows. I had never been in an acting performance so I was very nervous, however, after a few rehearsals I had settled in and got excited.” 

Milly in 6A said, “We had a blast singing, dancing, and bringing the magical world of animals to life on stage. It was a memorable journey filled with laughter, teamwork and unforgettable moments. I can’t wait for the next adventure!”

Jake Z in 6A said, “Personally, this was the first time I have ever been in a musical but I have been in a play before, which is very different to a musical. I had to step out of my comfort zone when we had to learn all the dance moves because I have never been a big dancer but when we were dancing all together, it looked very rehearsed and it was lots of fun.” 

Lucinda V in 6F said, “The musical was so exhilarating. It provided so many opportunities for Year 6 and now we are all much closer as a cohort than we were before the musical. I really enjoyed it and I would happily do it again.” 

Charlotte D in 6F said, “The musical experience was an outstanding opportunity. If I can, I will apply for all of them in high school. I have made a couple of new friends over the time too.” 

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