Cooper the School Dog at Flinders Achieves Certification

Cooper, our school dog, was the star of the show at our recent Flinders Primary School Assembly when he was awarded his Level 2 Therapy Dog Certificate! 👏

Students, staff and families at the assembly celebrated the fantastic accomplishment of our furry friend, Cooper, and his owner, Dr Alec, our Primary School Counsellor.

As our Head of Primary, Mrs Edwards said, "You might wonder why Cooper can come to school when other dogs cannot.

"Cooper and Dr Alec have been to therapy dog school, a particular type of school for dogs and their handlers who work as a team to help students and teachers at schools.

"Some of Cooper's best skills are being calm, loving pats and chasing balls.

"We are still working on giving the ball back..."

Mrs Edwards recognised how proud our Flinders community can be of all of Cooper's skills because they have shown many of the Flinders Learner Powers:

💭 They had to Reflect on Cooper’s behaviour.
💓 Cooper had to show Resilience and not eat everyone’s lunches.
💡 Dr Alec had to be Innovative in teaching Cooper new tricks.
🚀 Cooper is super Self-Motivated to be kind and loves pats.
🧩 Dr Alec and Cooper Collaborate because they work as a team.

We congratulate Cooper and Dr Alec on being an awesome 'Human-Canine Clinical Team' - officially!

Read our story from 2020 here when Cooper first joined Matthew Flinders Anglican College and started sparking smiles! 

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