Flinders Class of 2023 Achieves Outstanding Academic Results with Median ATAR of 90.55

The graduating Year 12s of Matthew Flinders Anglican College at Buderim on the Sunshine Coast are celebrating with the release of the 2023 Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) results on Friday, 15 December.

The Flinders Class of 2023 achieved a strong median ATAR of 90.55 from the 123 graduates who consented to share their results.  

Straight after receiving their ATARs, more than 30 Flinders graduates interrupted their holidays to return to campus for a special morning tea celebration with their peers, Senior School staff and the College leadership team. 

The group also enjoyed a private tour, led by Principal Stuart Meade, through the brand new state-of-the-art Infinity Centre, opening for learning in January 2024 as part of the Flinders Masterplan. 


There were 18 Flinders graduates who received an ATAR of 99 or above (14.63% of the cohort), which is the best score for the College over the four years of the ATAR system. 

Also, 103 students achieved an ATAR of 80 or above (83.74% of the cohort), which was also the best result since ATARs began in 2020. 

One Flinders student, Agnethe Kjaer, achieved the highest possible ATAR of 99.95. Agnethe is one of only 34 Queensland students out of 54,000 graduates in the state to achieve a 99.95.

It is the fourth consecutive year a Flinders student has secured the top ATAR ranking, the only Sunshine Coast school to achieve this record. 

Agnethe plans to take a gap year in 2024 before commencing tertiary study in science or economics in Australia or Denmark. 

Asked what she will miss about Flinders, Agnethe said, “The people and the fact that I won’t see my friends everyday.”

Of the factors that contributed to her academic achievement, Agnethe noted: “Support from my parents, teachers and friends, along with my love of learning and hard work.” 

Her advice to future seniors is to “have fun and look after yourself. Try your best. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Smile.”


  • Median ATAR of 90.55
  • One Flinders student, Agnethe Kjaer, achieved the highest possible ATAR of 99.95 (one of only 34 students in Queensland) 
  • It is the fourth consecutive year a Flinders student has achieved the top ATAR ranking of 99.95 - the only school on the Sunshine Coast to achieve this record 
  • ATAR 99 or above: (18 students) 14.63% of eligible students
  • ATAR 98 or above: (25 students) 20.33% of eligible students
  • ATAR 95 or above: (33 students) 26.83% of eligible students
  • ATAR 90 or above (67 students) 54.47% of eligible students 
  • ATAR 80 or above: (103 students) 83.74% of eligible students 
  • 27 students achieved straight A grades in all subjects
  • 11 students achieved 100% in a subject, including 5 graduates who achieved 100% in 2 subjects each
  • 31 students achieved 100% on their External Assessments 
  • 39 students earned Certificate II, III or Diploma qualifications.

Two Flinders students have started their full-time apprenticeships, five graduates will join the Australian Defence Force, and two students will head to the US to commence sporting scholarships at American colleges.


Retiring Principal, Mr Stuart Meade attended the ATAR morning tea on Friday, 15 December - the last school function of his seven-year principalship - to congratulate the graduates and wish them well.

Mr Meade said, “One of the key aspects of the positive culture at Flinders is the relationships that are forged between students and staff over an extended period of time. 

“It may be in the classroom, on the sports fields, the stage or in their pastoral homeroom; the mutual respect that is developed assists the students in their journey through the College.”  

Mr Meade expressed his hopes for all Flinders graduates in one of his final speeches delivered at the Secondary Awards Ceremony in November, noting:  

“I believe that when students leave Matthew Flinders Anglican College they should have four key attributes: 

  • An ability to think, to value thinking and to want to think - and to know that information is not knowledge and knowledge is not wisdom. 
  • Secondly, an ability to stand on their own two feet, confident and resilient, balanced by consideration of the needs of others. 
  • Next, a positive and spirited approach to life. 
  • Finally, a fire in the belly about something really worthwhile. 

Head of Senior School Mr Gary Davis, in his final year in this role, also expressed his pride in the Flinders Class of 2023. 

“I have been delighted by the efforts of so many of our Flinders Class of 2023 and their dedication to achieving their best, being positive role models and supporting one another through the trials, tribulations and celebrations of their final year at school. 

“The leadership from our College Captains Patrick Courtney and Zoe McKenzie, and Vice Captains William Min and Lara Swenson has been memorable, and their guidance of the Prefects, House Captains and Captains of various activities has helped us all to enjoy a busy and successful year.” 

“The Class of 2023 are prepared to write their own exciting futures beyond Flinders and should be very proud of their final results.”

Of the Flinders Class of 2023 graduates, there were 32 students who started at Flinders in Prep. 

Cover image: Class of 2023 graduates gather to celebrate the release of their ATAR results on Friday, 15 December at the College's new Infinity Centre with Principal Stuart Meade (front left) and Head of Secondary School Mrs Anita Gibson (front right)

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