Flinders Foundation Scholar Jazmyn Graduates with Class of 2022

The Flinders Foundation introduced a new scholarship program in 2020 to support new students to the College who are outstanding all-round contributors. Jazmyn Guest was the first scholar recipient in 2020, joining the College in Year 10. 

Jazmyn embraced the opportunity to make her Senior School years count – academically and through the rich co-curricular activities on offer. She has contributed positively to the College community and achieved through her art and music interests. 

As Jazmyn graduates with the Class of 2022, we asked her to reflect on her Flinders journey and offer some advice to future scholars. 

What have you enjoyed about your Flinders journey? 

Flinders has the most amazing work environment. Coming to Flinders has been the best decision I’ve ever made regarding my schooling. The teachers are amazing, the students are all hard workers and the achievements being made at this school are crazy. 

Joining the Wind Symphony was a wonderful team building experience. I used to get made fun of for playing an instrument and being a ‘band kid’, but since moving to Flinders – where it’s accepted to play a musical instrument – I’ve been able to feel good about myself and what I love to do. The Wind Symphony is like a family, and I loved being able to be a part of this family during my time at Flinders. 

Favourite subjects? 

Art and Music Extension. My interests have been strongly supported by the teachers and the students here at Flinders. 

How have you been supported by your teachers and the staff at Flinders? 

The staff are amazing. My teachers answer all my questions and are such a big help if I’m struggling with schoolwork. They give me tips on how to stay grounded, manage my study and be stress free.  

What is your advice for future Flinders Foundation scholars? 
  • Find a few good friends and stick with them. I found some good friends at Flinders, and they’ve been my friends for three years now. 
  • Ask for help. My biggest fear was asking for help, but you have absolutely nothing to lose. No one is judging you for needing help. 
  • Do what you love. Don’t worry about the ATAR; do the subjects that you know you will love doing. For me, that was Music and Art. 
  • Make connections with teachers. The teachers at Flinders are here to help. You will be so thankful for them by the time you finish school. 
  • Just be you! Don't worry about what other people think. Just do the best you can and do what you love doing.   
What have been some achievements that you are proud of?  

During my time at Flinders, I've been exposed to many different art competitions that I have entered, such as the Caloundra Local Artists – Local Content Art Prize student exhibition, Wild HeART Student Art Prize, Brisbane Portrait Prize and Next Gen. These competitions have exposed me to many different local artists which has really opened my eyes to what I could be doing after school. My Visual Art teacher at Flinders, Mrs Ros Braithwaite, encouraged me to apply to many awards and supported me through the application process. 

Jazmyn’s art achievements in 2022 include:

  • Nambour Show, Senior Secondary Art section, 1st prize winner 
  • Artwork featured in North Coast Regional Exhibition, as part of the Creative Generation Excellence Awards in Visual Art
  • Artwork featured in inaugural Griffith University Regional Arts Program
  • Wild HeART Student Art Prize, Best Threatened Species category, 18 years and under, 1st prize winner
  • Artwork included in Gadens Art Collection, Brisbane
What are your plans beyond Flinders once you graduate? 

I am planning to pursue a career in art. I want to go to art school and study a double degree in visual arts and business. 

How do you feel that you have developed as a person, from your experience and opportunities at Flinders? 

I have become much more driven, especially career wise. Before coming to Flinders, I was not motivated, but after my first year at Flinders I developed the drive to try and to do well. I feel like this is mostly because I’ve been inspired by all the people around me who have ambition. Students at Flinders have goals and plans for their lives, and I’m particularly inspired by people like our College captains, Mallibu Burke and Charlie Mortimer-Short. 

To learn more about the Flinders Foundation and the Foundation Scholarship, please visit here.

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