Flinders Podcast Episode 11: Primary School Leaders in Conversation with Principal Stuart Meade

Join us for Episode 11 of the Flinders podcast series, Uncharted Waters: Conversations with the Principal. You can listen to this episode and others here.

Episode 11: Principal Stuart Meade meets with Primary School Leaders, Nate and Alana.

In this episode, we turn the spotlight on Principal Stuart Meade! Primary School Leaders Nate and Alana visit Mr Meade to learn how he enjoyed his schooling years and the teachers and role models who inspired him along the way.

Nate and Alana ask Mr Meade about the new Years 5 and 6 Precinct, opening in January 2021 as part of the Flinders Masterplan.

Mr Meade also suggests how Primary students can make the most of their exciting Primary years, and offers advice on how to prepare for a confident transition to the Secondary School.

Talk also turns to the excitement of having Cooper the School Dog on campus!

Thanks to Primary leaders Nate and Alana for joining the podcast. Listen here

Questions from Nate and Alana for Mr Stuart Meade: 

  • (00:17) What did you enjoy about school when you were in your Primary School years?
  • (1:30) What was your favourite sport at school, and what are your favourite sports now?
  • (2:11) Did you have favourite teachers who inspired you during your school years?
  • (3:23) What is your wish for us as students beyond our Primary years?
  • (4:24) What is your advice to students who are stepping into leadership roles?
  • (5:37) Why do you think students are going to love the new Years 5 and 6 Precinct, opening in 2021?
  • (6:44) It’s exciting to have Cooper, the School Dog on campus! Why did you think it was a good idea to welcome Cooper here?
  • (7:49) What do you think Primary students will enjoy about moving up to the Secondary School one day? And what do you say to those students who might feel a bit nervous?
  • (9:42) What is the best advice you have ever received?
  • (10:48) What are the main differences between the Primary and the Secondary Schools?

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