Flinders Podcast Episode 10: Principal Stuart Meade with Flinders Capital Works Manager, Mr Rocco Perugini

Join us for Episode 10 of the Flinders podcast series, Uncharted Waters: Conversations with the Principal. You can listen to this episode and others here.

Episode 10: In this podcast, Principal Stuart Meade meets with Flinders Capital Works Manager, Rocco Perugini for an update on the Flinders Masterplan construction project.

Stuart and Rocco discuss the proposed date that students and staff will settle into the newly refurbished Year 7 Precinct in Term 3 and highlight some of the outstanding features of the new learning zones. Rocco also gives an update on the impressive new Years 5 and 6 Precinct taking shape in the Primary School as well as the Flinders Aquatic Centre refurbishment.

Rocco shares what he loves about Flinders, having been on the College staff team for the past 16 years, mainly as Property Services Manager. Rocco knows the campus inside and out, having been in charge of all manner of tasks – big and small – from overseeing major construction projects to being the lucky one with the master key to turn off faulty fire alarms blaring in the middle of the night!

Episode 10, Rocco Perugini, Flinders Capital Works Manager

  • (00:20) Rocco, please share the scope of your role here at Flinders.
  • (00:47) What’s the update on the current Flinders Masterplan projects?
  • (2:11) What are some of the outstanding features of the new Year 7 Precinct?
  • (3:13) What is the timeframe for completion of the new Years 5 and 6 Precinct?
  • (4:25) What is the most rewarding part of your job at Flinders?
  • (5:58) Please share an update on the refurbishment of the Learn-to-Swim pool at the Flinders Aquatic Centre?
  • (6:38) How do you enjoy spending your time when you are not at work?

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