Flinders Podcast Episode 7 - Principal Stuart Meade with Head of Creative Arts at Flinders, Mr Danny Parker

Join us for Episode 7 of the Flinders podcast series, Uncharted Waters: Conversations with the Principal. You can listen to this episode and others here.

In this episode, Principal Stuart Meade chats with Head of Creative Arts at Flinders, Mr Danny Parker

In mid-Term 1 this year, the College welcomed Mr Danny Parker to our staff team in the new role of Head of Creative Arts.

Danny is a best-selling published children’s author and an actor, and brings years of experience working to develop the creative arts in top schools across Australia.

His passion for encouraging creativity and collaboration in a school community makes him an exciting addition to our Arts team at Flinders.

In Episode 7 of our podcast series, Principal Stuart Meade invites Danny to share his vision for the creative arts through co-curricular opportunities at Flinders.

Danny is excited to share the latest news about the College’s Years 8 and 9 musical, Thirteen, which is due to show in August, as well as the Secondary School musical, which will show in early 2021.

Danny also has plans in the long-term to create touring opportunities for our students to share their passion for the arts with our local community as well as embark on national and international adventures.

His vision is to make Flinders a place where creative endeavours are always happening and where students feel inspired, challenged and supported to embrace art, make art and collaborate with other artists through different art practices.


Episode 7: Danny Parker, Head of Creative Arts, Flinders
(1:21) What are your early impressions of the College and the opportunities for students here in the Arts across Music, Visual Arts and Drama?
(2:40) You are known for your passion for creativity. What is your vision for the creative arts at Flinders?
(4:03) What has been one of the most memorable productions you have produced in your rich Arts career?
(6:37) What were some of the creative projects you shared with our Primary School students during remote learning? I know that you read your published children’s books, including Parachute and Perfect, to our students online, which is a wonderful way to inspire children’s love of literature.
(9:44) What do we have to look forward to over the next 12-24 months at Flinders in the creative arts?
(11:10) Tours are a favourite focus of yours? What’s in store for our students in the creative arts?

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