Flinders Podcast Episode 6 - Principal Stuart Meade with Head of Sport, Mr Adam Ridgewell

Soccer at Flinders Sports Oval

Join us for Episode 6 of the Flinders podcast series, Uncharted Waters: Conversations with the Principal. You can listen to this episode and others here.

In Episode 6, Principal Stuart Meade meets with Head of Sport, Mr Adam Ridgewell to talk about a return to sport as COVID-19 restrictions ease across Australia. The conversation explores the sporting opportunities for students at Flinders for the remainder of 2020.

Sport is a vibrant part of College life at Flinders as students are encouraged to embrace as many sporting and co-curricular opportunities as possible.

Involvement in sport benefits young people in many ways – from learning new skills and building friendships to enjoying being healthy and active as a natural part of life.

Needless to say, our students are looking forward to training in their favourite sports once again and hopefully competing too!

Adam shares the latest news on dates for a return to training and organised sport as outlined in the Queensland Government’s ‘Roadmap to Easing Restrictions’ document.

He also notes the things he hopes won’t change as restrictions are eased – such as seeing families having a great time exercising together outdoors in the mornings and afternoons.

Listen to the Episode 6 podcast here:
(00:47) What have students found most frustrating about the restrictions on sport?
(1:50) What have been the impacts on sports programs and co-curricular opportunities at Flinders?
(2:31) What is the latest news for popular school sports such as netball and rugby?
(4:10) What upsides have you noticed as a result of this COVID-19 scenario?
(5:07) How has the College supported students to remain healthy and fit during home learning?
(6:34) What will our sports program look like for the rest of Term 2 and beyond?
(7:37) Why are their different restrictions for College Sport compared to Club Sport?
(9:05) Please tell us more about the sign-ups for sports like Touch Football and Basketball.
(10:31) The Flinders Aquatic Centre is set to open in Term 3. When will the Flinders Fitness Centre and Sports Centre reopen?

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