Leaders Inducted at Flinders for 2022

Primary Captains, Semester 1 House Captains and Music Captains, 2022

With Term 1 underway, student leaders at Matthew Flinders Anglican College on the Sunshine Coast are officially inducted into their leadership roles across the Primary and Secondary Schools for 2022. 

At Flinders, students learn how to be positive role models and guide their fellow students with kindness, consideration and encouragement. 

In the Primary School, the Years 4, 5 and 6 students 'Webexed' into a special Term 1 ceremony to see the leaders take their pledges and receive their badges, including 2022 Primary School Leaders, Thomas B and Addison B, as well as Semester 1 House Captains and Music Captains.

In the Secondary School, students have been recognised as leaders for 2022, including College Captains Charlie M and Mallibu B who will be ably supported by Vice Captains Kairyo S and Georgia B, and also by the College Prefects, House Captains, Captains of Co-Curricular and Seniors of 2022.
Flinders families are invited to visit the MyFlinders News story to see more photos of the Primary and Secondary leaders.

Opportunities to lead at Flinders

There are many opportunities to lead at Flinders, including as College Captains across the Primary and Secondary campuses, House Captains, Student and Staff Council Representatives and Round Square Ambassadors, Co-Curricular Captains such as Music and Sport Captains, and more.

Why lead at Flinders?

As leaders, students at Flinders agree to be role models for the student community and uphold the College’s values of Courage, Respect, Integrity and Compassion.

These values are important for graduates because a successful future relies on nurturing and valuing respectful relationships across one’s personal life and career.  

However, Principal Stuart Meade said it was important for students to realise that leadership does not always come with an official honour or badge.

“At Flinders, we talk a lot about how our students can lead their own lives by having values and making positive and kind choices in learning and life that enable them to succeed,” Mr Meade said. 

“We want every student to be aware that they are responsible for their 'personal brand' and that they can lead within their families, friendships groups and communities,” he said. 

“Our students all experience leadership when they contribute to something bigger than themselves by volunteering their time to service projects and helping people in need in their communities.

“Through these real-world experiences, the goal is for our Flinders students to graduate with the confidence and skills to empower others, communicate and collaborate well, and the capacity to make significant and ethically-grounded decisions.

“With this approach to leadership, we all can experience the satisfaction of helping to make the world a better place.” 

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